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Tour Quality Golf: Indoor Golf Essentials

Golf requires practice, but, as they say, practice doesn’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect. Practicing your swing and putts at home is better than nothing, but it doesn’t often provide insightful feedback. It’s preferable to practice where you can collect data that assists you in getting better (without running the risk of throwing your driver out a window)! What if you had a specific program and environment designed to help golfers improve their games quickly? What better place than a safe, climate-controlled, private location where you can hone your skills and play with family and friends? Tour Quality Golf’s indoor golf facility is what you need.

An indoor golf simulator offers real-time feedback that motivates you to practice and makes it fun. Indoor golf simulators are a great tool to help you play your best without breaking the bank. Plus, you can golf when the weather is bad. Win, win, win.

What to Bring When you Play Indoor Golf:

  • Golf Club

A typical golf bag contains 12-14 clubs, including a putter, varied woods, irons, and wedges. Each club is angled differently to hit the balls at various trajectories and distances.

A complete set of clubs usually goes like this:

  1. Driver
  2. 3-wood
  3. 5-wood or 5-Hybrid
  4. An iron set of 8: 4-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge
  5. Putter

If you currently own a complete set of golf clubs and want to replace a few of your older clubs with new ones, consider purchasing a smaller golf iron set or a golf wedge set.   

To compare the various golf club brands, do some research and read golf club reviews. Check out Tour Quality Golf’s other blog posts to see what you like and might need. In our facility, you can also ask for the opinion of instructors and other players. There are worse ways to make a friend.

  • Golf Balls 

If you plan to play golf frequently, stock up on golf balls! Buying a variety of less expensive golf balls is a good place to start if you’re a beginner because you’re likely to lose quite a few, especially when you play outdoors. As you advance, you can experiment with more  expensive golf balls and see what you like the best. 

  • Gloves and Golf Tees

Gloves are meant to protect our hands. They are used widely in many outdoor sports, and they are effective and keep improving. Golf Gloves, specifically, are great equipment and are designed to prevent blisters, cuts, and calluses while improving your grip. Feel is important in golf. Some people wear gloves on both hands, but others wear them only on their non-dominant hands to prevent slipping. 

Some golf facilities provide you with tees. Try out a variety of golf tees to see which one you feel most at ease using.

  • Footwear

When you’re on a golf course, you could find yourself walking a lot! An 18-hole game can take up to 5 hours and take you over a variety of surfaces. Most golf shoes have spikes on the bottom for balance and grip. 

Of course, at an indoor golf facility you don’t have to walk for hours and hours to swing. Just wear a good pair of comfortable sneakers. Spikes are unnecessary (and discouraged) as you will be playing on a flat, dry surface throughout.


Whether you play for fun or for a living, when you play at Tour Quality Golf you’ll have a good time and probably hone your skills to boot. Play by yourself, or bring someone who can challenge you. Healthy competition is always beneficial! You can practice your swing, meet new people, or just have fun with your loved ones at our Trackman Indoor Golf Facility.

To find out more about our indoor golf simulators and other services, stop in or check out our schedule online.