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Tour Quality Golf’s Indoor Golf Simulator: Trackman

Golf is evolving. Golfers are embracing the revolutionary technologies of indoor golf simulators like the Trackman for a variety of reasons. It is easily less expensive than visiting a golf club and staying all day inside the golf club. It is convenient since the weather won’t be an issue inside the facility. That means you can play golf year-round!

What is Trackman? 

Tour Quality Golf’s indoor simulator utilizes Trackman. Trackman uses radar equipment to scan information about the club swing and ball delivery based on the shifting frequency of microwaves reflected off the object during a swing. This enables Trackman to capture significant data such as: 

  • Ball Speed: This is the biggest factor for distance.
  • Club Speed: More speed in the club equates to more potential distance.
  • Smash Factor: Club Speed divided by Ball Speed. It is the amount of energy transferred to the ball.
  • Spin Rate: The ball’s spin after impact plays a major role in the distance and height of the golf shot.
  • Club Path: Direction of the club at impact.
  • Face Angle: The direction of the club face is pointing at impact.
  • Face to Path: Direction the face is painting relative to the path of the club, factor for the Spin Axis (how the ball curves in the air)
  • Attack Angle: Direction the clubhead is moving at impact.
  • Carry: How far the ball travels in the air before landing.

Benefits of an Indoor Golf Simulator 

  • Accessibility

You won’t need to cram in a weird tee time because Tour Quality Golf’s indoor golf facility is close by. Our course is actually open around the clock!

  • Environment-Controlled Facility 

Different weather related factors such as rain and wind aren’t an issue inside. You can play without getting wet or losing your ball! 

  • Time

You won’t need to walk miles of fairway or crouch in the rough looking for your ball. The hole comes to you, so you can focus on your swing and club selection while you adjust and practice. 

  • Game Modes 

People usually only practice their drives, so other shots and other shots suffer. The time you’re in the simulator is a fantastic opportunity to practice your putt, chip, or whatever else you believe will improve your game.

  • Courses Around The Globe

With Trackman’s help, you can experience playing in iconic courses like St. Andrews, Medina CC, Pebble Beach, or Quail Hollow.

  • It is Beginner Friendly 

Playing against more skilled opponents can occasionally be embarrassing or frustrating for beginners. You can learn and gain experience at your own speed at an indoor golf simulator. 


Trackman is a revolutionary innovation in the sport of golf. Tour Quality Golf is here for you to experience it.

Visit Tour Quality Golf for more information about our Trackman Indoor Facility.