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Why Should You Undergo Golf Grip Replacement in Tulsa?

Ever since the emergence of golf as a sport, experts have considered the golf grip as a fundamental of the swing. The dynamics of the golf swing have a huge impact on every golfer’s game.  At first, playing golf seems like it is as simple as swinging the club and hitting the ball. However, there is a physics to the perfect golf shot. With time and use, a club’s grip wears out, and that can negatively impact your game. As a general rule, golfers should do their golf grip replacement at least every 12 months if they are playing four or more times a week in a temperate climate.

Meanwhile, playing three times a week or less in a humid, hot climate can require grip replacements every nine months. Experts suggest players replace their golf grips in  November, December, and January since many shops offer discount prices on grips and other services during the offseason. Tulsa is home to several golf shops that offer a wide variety of services with quality materials at reasonable prices.

If your grips feel too firm or slick even in dry conditions, then it is high time that you either resort to DIY or seek professional help for golf grip replacement in Tulsa to shave off scores on the course.

Why Are Golf Grip Replacement Important To Your Gameplay?

Grip technique is an essential factor to get right in every golf game since the hands are the only part of the body that connect to the golf club. As the only part of the club you can touch during the swing, the grip serves as a focal point for the entire game. If your grip is old and worn out or doesn’t fit your hands, it’s hurting your score. Grip materials wear down over time, and heat and skin oil affect how long they last. Replacing golf grips at the beginning of every season allows golfers to hold the grip with minimal pressure. Worn out grips can cause slippage during the game which can cause off-center strikes and poor scoring.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Golf Grips

There are several ways to replace golf grips on clubs. Having a professional from your local golf retailer or on-course shop to change your worn out golf grips can get expensive. So, golfers often resort to do-it-yourself regripping. Whether you choose to seek help from professionals or replace your grips at home, it is important to get a grip replacement that suits your playing style. Here are some reminders for picking the right grips for your clubs:

Grip Material

As a golfer, the first factor to consider before buying a grip replacement is the type of materials used. It sets the comfort and feel of the grip as well as its durability. To ensure that you choose the right grip, get to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the common grip types available in the market today.  

Grip Size

According to golf experts, size is a critical factor when picking grips for clubs. You can choose from four different sizes, – standard, undersize, midsize, and oversize grip – but you can customize the size further by adding more layers of tape when replacing it. Note that having a grip that is too small promotes further hand action which tends to pull the ball, while grip that is too large leads to slicing.

Surface Texture

The surface of a grip creates an abrasive or smooth feel. Choose the texture that provides a secure and comfortable feel in your hands. If you are a golfer who doesn’t wear gloves, a golf grip with fewer patterns is the best option.


Regardless of materials, the firmness of the grip plays a vital role in your golf swing. Stability depends on your feel preference and swing speed. Some professional golfers with high swing speeds prefer firmer grips because they feel it promotes stability. Meanwhile, novice players with lower swing speeds tend to favor softer grips.

Ribbed or Rounded?

The terms “ribbed” and “rounded” are standard terms that golf players usually hear when shopping for golf grips. It serves as a guide to golfers for where to place their hands during a swing. Round grips have a symmetrical design and flat surface, while ribbed grips have a small ridge along the grip length.

As one of the crucial parts of your club, grips directly affect your performance on the course. They are also the part that tends to wear out, especially in humid and warm climates. Thus, experts recommend players undergo golf grip replacement by watching instructional videos online or seeking help from experts in Tulsa. Enhance your playing ability with Tour Quality Golf! We offer a huge selection of grip size, material, and style options to suit the individual needs of golfers. To schedule an appointment for golf grip replacement, you can call us at (918) 221-7096.