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How PROJECT X HZRDUS SMOKE GREEN and Tour Quality Golf Can Make Your Game Twice as Better

While it’s true that a shaft is not the engine of a golf club, its significance in achieving control and consistency cannot be overlooked. A golf shaft has the power to make all the difference in a player’s game. Project X had dedicated time and effort in creating a shaft collection to change the way golf shafts are used. Today, the company is making headlines with the release of the newest shaft in their line, the PROJECT X HZRDUS SMOKE GREEN SHAFT.

Why Picking the Right Golf Shaft is of Utmost Importance

Golf shaft has come a long way from the 19th-century hickory stick.  

Up to this day, many players still underestimate the vitality of using the right club shaft in their equipment. As a result, their overall performance suffers. From distance, angle of release, and ball trajectory to swing speed, having the right golf shaft contributes a lot to the end result.

Over the years, Project X has witnessed many factors that can easily affect a golfer’s swing tendencies. By taking note of length, weight, bend profile and flex, the company came up with a mission to create a shaft collection. This aims would need just a little effort from the player to maximize performance.

Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Shaft: A Gift to the Strongest Players

Active players often find it hard to reduce spin because of their overall swing speed. Because of the power of the swing, using regular shafts often leads them to lose control. This affects not only the accuracy but also the trajectory of the shot.

Of course, the last thing that Project X wants is to make golf even harder for players. The company is aware that golf technology evolves with each passing day. That’s why they never stop working to create game-changing golf shafts. A year after the release of HZRDUS T1100, which is already famous for its stiffness, Project X was determined to set another record.

However, unlike the first products released under the HZRDUS collection, the creation of Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Shaft wasn’t a smooth ride. Last year at Punta Cana, the company decided to test the design at PGA Tours. They were after beating the tip-stiff profile of HZRDUS T1100. Unfortunately, no one in the tour even noticed the difference. It was not the feedback they wanted to hear. So once again, the design had to be improved. A year after, the efforts of Project X had finally paid off. Boasting the latest engineering technology, Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Shaft goes by the tag, “the stiffest shaft in the industry”. Others even nicknamed this tool “the Hulk”. The excellent team behind this creation wanted to provide players with a shaft that can keep up with the fastest swings while promoting maximum stability.

Here are some amazing features of Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green Shaft that makes it one of the most exciting golf shafts to date:
  1. Just like its predecessor, HZRDUS T1100, Hzrdus Smoke Green comes with a stiff butt section and a stiff tip. From a static standpoint, many players cannot tell the difference right away. However, after a few rounds, a player discovers the difference in weight. Since Hzrdus Smoke Green comes as stiff as– but considerably lighter than– the HZRDUS T1100, players can enjoy a stiffer feel.
  1. Project X used Hexcels HexTow HM63 fiber for the first time in this shaft collection. This added innovation in the design removes the boardy feel that players often complained about. Currently, Hzrdus Smoke Green is the third golf shaft to have this technology, following F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
  1. Hzrdus Smoke Green boasts 17 cycles stiffer, a feature comparable to two full flexes. It makes the company confident of claiming that their newest product can easily beat the competition when it comes to stiffness.

Discover the Perfect Shaft Formula by Visiting Tour Quality Golf in Tulsa!

There is no doubt that Hzrdus Smoke Green shaft is a fantastic work of art. Years of labor and collaboration were dedicated to making this shaft as close to perfect as possible. However, golf manufacturers are also aware that there is no such golf equipment that can meet the needs and demands of all players. It is for this reason that club fitting professionals exist. Length, weight, flex, and bend profiles can affect the overall performance of the shaft. If you want to maximize your experience with Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green shaft, call the club fitting experts at (918) 221-7096 or visit Tour Quality Golf.