How Does Golf Club Fitting Work?

Every golfer modifies their swing to accommodate the clubs they use. If your clubs aren’t the right size, you will likely develop bad habits just to be able to play. Your golf game may become easier and more enjoyable with the assistance of a professional fitter or fitting.

Golf equipment is expensive, and in recent years, it has become even more prohibitively so. This is because their manufacturers use futuristic materials and technologies in their designs and invest significant money in research and development for each product.

Even though technology has improved (and massive marketing campaigns have sometimes made ludicrous claims), the average golfer has yet to progress significantly. How can a player capitalize on the tremendous technological advancements of the past two decades? In a single word, the response is “appropriately.” Even though many different brands of golf clubs are on the market today, it is extremely difficult to find a club model that meets all your specific needs.

Every golfer and golf swing is unique, so a professional golf club maker should customize your golf club. Our custom club fitting service can assist you in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

What is the importance of golf club fitting?

Getting in shape for golf is advantageous in numerous ways. As stated previously, having the proper golf clubs in your bag will help you achieve your goals on the course. We’ve seen that fitting your golf clubs benefits both amateurs and professionals.

A golf club fitting is important if you want to break 90 or hit more greens in regulation. When you visit a golf fitter, an expert will assist you in selecting the best golf clubs for you and your swing instead of you modifying your game to suit your clubs. Well fitted clubs allow you to take more accurate shots. Using a simple lie board test, the person fitting you can determine if your irons and hybrids are making it difficult for you to hit the ball in the desired direction. Once you find the ideal lie, hitting the ball accurately will be easier.

What does a professional fittings include?

Golf club fitting is crucial because it requires the expertise of a trained professional to create a set of clubs that can bring out your best performance. Only one golf shop stands out as superior in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding areas in Oklahoma: Tour Quality Golf.

Here are the main golf club fitting services that Tour Quality Golf offers:

  • Driver Fitting 

Getting a professional driver fitting is one of the most important things a golfer can do to improve their game because one of the most important things a golfer can do is to increase driving distance. 

Your fitter will assist you in locating the clubs that provide the most distance regardless of where you strike the ball.  

  • Putter Fitting

The putter is the easiest club to use; many argue it is the most crucial, and if any improvement will help a golfer birdie near as much as the drive, it’s the put.

  • Shaft Fitting

Fittings are the connecting components located at each end of a flexible shaft. They couple the driving and driven components to the flexible shaft, which transmits rotational motion between them. Each size and shape of the fitting is designed to transmit a distinct amount of torque.

  • Ball Fitting

Every golf shot requires at least one equipment item: the golf ball. Different brands and models of golf equipment vary greatly in quality and performance. Some of these modifications can drastically alter the gameplay. No matter your age, skill level, or gender, you should make sure you get some profit from your chosen ball.

  • Iron Fitting 

Following the interview, the initial step in the fitting process is to evaluate the golfer’s current clubs. A fitter will observe the golfer using a launch monitor to measure the ball’s trajectory and club usage. All club types, including woods, drivers, and irons, undergo this procedure.

  • Hybrid Fitting

You can take advantage of your difficult irons and easy fairway woods with hybrid golf clubs. They combine features of irons and fairway woods to make the ball easier to strike, get it to travel further, maintain a straighter trajectory, and be easier to control. They are similar to your irons or fairway woods.

To win, you must do more than perform well. The optimal club can have a dramatic impact on a golfer’s performance. The consistency of play with these clubs will be greater than with any off-the-shelf set. Tour Quality Golf is the place to go if you’re prepared for a paradigm shift. Got questions? Contact us at (918) 221-7096 or visit our website.

The Must-Have Custom Golf Shafts From A Golf Shop Near Me In Tulsa

Don’t be too hard on yourself– If you’re not hitting consistently, it may help to look at your gear. The culprit could be your golf club’s shaft. Many factors like torque, length, and weight affect club performance, especially when you compare the performance of a custom fitted shaft to a random stock shaft. With a custom shaft, you get a better swing, with longer, straighter shots. Imagine how that could level up your game!

Shaft Consideration

Before jumping into a purchase, take a little time to think about your set’s current performance. It won’t make any sense to change out a set that is working just fine! Instead of jumping on a new-club bandwagon, consider where your current shafts are most likely not doing well. Are there trajectory, ball flight, and impact issues? If you know where you need improvement, you know what to look for in your new custom shaft! 

Golf Shop Tulsa: Custom Shafts In Contrast 

What do I need to know to make sure I’m getting the best shaft for my game play?

  • Stock Shafts

Stock shafts come pre-installed on a driver you buy at any store. While shaft quality has climbed steadily over the years, having the most appropriate shaft for your very own swing is what will shave points. Stock shafts are not custom-made for each golfer’s unique swing style. Instead, stock shafts aim at the most common, average traits of golfers and try to work the same way for everybody. 

  • Custom Golf Shafts

Custom golf shafts are those shafts that replace the pre-installed shaft you bought with your golf club. It’s an upgrade.
Custom golf shafts can be expensive because they are built with state-of-the-art technology and materials, but with a good fitting they almost always improve your game by helping you hit more consistently. 

  • Investment worthy

Golfers that most benefit from custom golf shafts are those with medium to high swing speed and those players who are more likely to be aggressive in transitions from their top backswing to the beginning of their downswing. A custom golf shaft is also advisable if you feel your club bending in the air during your swing.  

  • Advanced custom fitting

Club fitters are sophisticated. They will have access to a launching system or monitoring screen, where an electronic device is used to analyze all the aspects of your swing to see if you’re a good candidate for a custom fitting.  

Are you longing for that perfect swing? When you search for a “golf shop near me,” you’re guaranteed to find Tour Quality Golf’s excellent products and services. Improve your golf game with us here in the best golf shop in Tulsa! Take a look at the list of our custom golf shafts or call us at (918) 221-7096 for more info. 

Golf Lookout: Where to Find the Best Performing Golf Clubs for Sale in Tulsa?

Whether you’ve been teeing off for years or haven’t touched any golf club yet, picking the best clubs for your swing can be tough. But good clubs coupled with practice are tough to beat.  

If you’re in Tulsa, you’ll have a lot of shops to choose from. Pick one that has staff that can help you make the most of your club investment. 

How to Pick the Right Golf Clubs 

The usual advice experts give to golfers searching for new equipment is “do your homework.” No harm in getting a tutor. Manufacturers make golf clubs with different levels of players in mind so start with a straightforward assessment of your skills. Be honest about your swing, skills, and budget.

Begin by investing in 5-6 pieces and improve your clubs as your game improves. Fitting golf clubs to your size and swing is also important to getting the most out of your equipment. 

Characteristics of a Reputable Golf Shop

Golf’s continued popularity means better courses, better enjoyment, and better options for golf clubs as time goes on. The wide variety of choices and technological improvements made by golf brands is exciting– but it also means there are a lot of options.  

Below are some characteristics that set a trusted golf shop apart from others: 

  • Uses top-grade and premium materials only

The best pro shops carry the best equipment. Golfers can expect premium fit, performance, comfort, and feel from their clubs. You can trust experts from a great shop to know their equipment well and match it to their customer’s skills and needs. 

  • Ensures customer’s satisfaction 

Nothing beats a golf shop where the staff learns your goals and your game mechanics. The equipment itself, combined with informative and personalized guidance from the experts, go a long way toward customer satisfaction.  

  • Shows determination to help improve your game

Great shops employ clubfitters to ensure your equipment works for you. They will fit you for shafts, grip, flex, and club heads to match your play. 

In the sea of golf club options, grab a life raft. We are committed to being your partner in improving your golf performance. Contact us today or visit our site today!

Why Is It Also Good to Consider Custom Golf Clubs Sold Online?

Many golfers buy off-the-rack clubs, thinking custom golf clubs are for more elite players. On the other hand, many other golfers feel like it won’t help them to get fitted because they are already capable players. The truth is, fitted clubs prevent you from having to compensate for your own tendencies. They are likely to shave points off of just about anybody’s score.

Fitters understand that golfers who hook or slice have often missed out on the importance of customized equipment. Needless to say, swinging clubs whose length, weight, lie angles, shaft flex, or grip size are unmatched to one’s body often make for poor play. It can hurt even the most talented golfers. Despite (or perhaps because of) the tons of golf clubs on the market, it is challenging to find clubs that optimize your play.  

Are Custom Golf Clubs Really Better Than Off-The-Rack?

Your equipment should be adapt to your physiology and skills and not the other way around. Golfers who use off the rack clubs take time to adapt to the club’s specifications. Instead, custom golf clubs are adjusted to your body and skills. 

Using clubs that are not fit to the golfer don’t only undermine the gameplay but can even cause injury under some circumstances. Off-the-rack golf clubs require golfers to change the way they swing. Over time, this can cause back pain and fatigue. Professional fitters are most often sought to avoid or mitigate these problems. These experts have undergone years of training to utilize high-tech equipment to analyze a player’s swing, body type, and ability. Every golfer wants to hit farther and closer to the pin. Custom made clubs allow players to focus on becoming consistent with their most natural swings. 

The 5 Main Benefits of Buying Golf Clubs Online

Nothing can beat with purchasing clubs you’ve ‘swing-ed’ and tested personally. But with hundreds of online golf stores emerging, surely, golfers are now seeing the light of getting gears through online carts better than before. Here are the main reasons why your next mouse clicks should be about buying new golf clubs online: 

  • Convenience

Of course, the main advantage of online golf club shopping is the convenience it serves to shoppers. With the current situation we’re in, where people are not allow to drive freely to golf shops, e-commerce stores offer better convenience. Just imagine sitting on your couch waiting for the new Callaway Mavrik Driver or Cobra King Speedzone hybrid to be delivered on your home. Sounds awesome, right? 

  • Comparative Shopping

With vast information available on the internet, you have the chance to do a little assignment first about the golf club before purchasing it. Researching is one of the best ways you can make sure you’re choosing the right gear. Also, you can browse from prices in the marketplace to pick which meets your preference and budget. 

  • Greater Selection

Depending on what and how many stores you head to, you would only be serve with limited options in the market. Online golf stores bring golfers extensive selections of golf clubs from different brands. Whenever there are discounts or offers, you can simply be notified online when you visit their website or when they emailed you about it. 

  • Cheaper Price 

This won’t always be the case, but some online golf stores offer fairly lower prices than those sold in-stores. Something to take note also is that you can backtrack online. See if you can purchase last years’ models at next to nothing prices. 

  • Quality and Value

The fear that the golf club could be a knock-off version might discourage you from buying online. But once you’ve find golf stores which are trusted for its craftsmanship and value they give to golfers, you would know it would be a good purchase. If you aren’t still sure,these stores also offer fittings that you can avail once you have the time and chance. 

For someone playing golf for a quite long time, you should know that choosing golf clubs is always a personal matter. Tour Quality Golf, known for providing online custom golf club products. It is here to give you a personal shopping experience done from screen to screens. You can trust us to deliver you only the best of the best! Hit the ball and reach the green with fewer strokes. Shop now! Dial (918) 221-7096 or visit

The Best Club Fitting Services in Tulsa

One thing is for sure, you do not have to be the best golfer or be “good enough” to benefit from club fitting. With the advent of golf technologies and launch monitors, not seeing a professional club fitter is a miss for anyone serious about his game. If you’re making a good investment in new gear, make sure your investment results in better performance. Sure, you could be using your friend’s old hand-me-down clubs– they probably work just fine. But since they are not tailored to your strength, swing, and body type, you won’t be maximizing your potential off the tee.

Golf is clearly not an easy game, and using ill-fitted clubs only complicates things – who wants that?

Use the right gear if you want to be a better golfer.

There’s no such thing as “one size, fits all” when it comes to clubs. Know the right club fit for you. A golf club fitting service is the best way to find out. Getting help from a professional club fitter can help you find the right club fit for you. Most club fitters use a launch monitor, making it easy to get an analysis of your performance, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

Never use a golf club that is not for you.

Finding the right club fit is just like getting the right partner. If you get the wrong one, it will show up in your game. Getting the right club might be the best first step to consider before hitting the greens.

If you are a Tulsa golfer, visit Tour Quality Golf located in the heart of Broken Arrow. We offer affordable club fitting services and every kind of club, from stainless steel to titanium or aluminum. Once you get fitted, we’ll set you up with the best ones for your golf needs.

Golf club fitting requires an expert.

Tour Quality Golf offers top-notch products and excellent services, not to mention pocket friendly prices. We offer a complete service for club fitting, and of course, it is only done by the best club fitters. The following are some of our services:

  • Driver Fitting

While we offer the best drivers in the latest technology and materials, we also have our professional fitters to find the right combination of driver heads and shafts for you. Once we’re able to match your swing, expect additional speed, distance, and accuracy from your drives.

  • Putter Fitting

At Tour Quality Golf, we love helping golfers improve their putting stats and play. By adjusting your putter to match your build and putting stroke, you’ll have the best chance to nail your shots on the green.

  • Shaft Fitting

You don’t have to compensate for a too-long or too-heavy shaft. Our expert fitters can quickly recognize swing traits and provide tailored shaft options for you.

  • Iron Fitting

Tour Quality Golf also specializes in providing golfers of any ability level with a professional custom iron fitting. Whether you’re a beginner or a player with a higher handicap, we’re here to help you hit the best iron shots possible.

  • Hybrid Fitting

With the use of launch monitors, our club fitters will test your shot dispersion, launch angle, distance, and other key components to give you the hybrid to match your soecifics.

If you are serious about the game, take it to new heights. Getting the right club is a game-changer for any golfer. It will bring a new consistency to your game that you may not have experienced with off-the-shelf clubs. Tour Quality Golf is a one stop shop you can trust to make change happen. Visit if you’ve got questions, or call (918) 221-7096.

Beef Up Your Next Golf Game with Custom Club Fitting In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wondering why your playing partner seems to be at ease on the sloped, challenging greens of Tulsa? Is it the shirt? Is it the shoes? Probably not. It could be they got fitted at a studio in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you’ve never been fitted, your score can probably stand to get a boost.   

For years, new technologies paved the way for golf manufacturers to cater to players’ evolving golf needs. Today, you won’t see professionals buying off-the-rack clubs. Now players can buy heads and shafts that are tailored to their mechanics. In Tulsa, Tour Quality Golf could be your golf ally to gear you up for your game’s next level. 

Explained: Why Does Custom Club Fitting Matter?

Everybody has a unique swing; why would everybody need the same club? While you can hit some good shots with clubs off the shelf, unless you’re incredibly lucky those clubs aren’t helping you play your best games. No matter your level of play, you can benefit tremendously from custom-fitted clubs. 

Believe it or not, equipment advancements and launch monitors make playing golf less complicated. In this day and age in golf, it’s possible to determine whether you’re hitting with clubs that are too short or too long. The whole fitting process eventually reveals problems, and then the expert fitter can make adjustments to help you find your sweet spot. Without the need to change your swing, a properly fitted club can even correct weak ball flight. Overall, expect the best chance for success, improvement, and enjoyment. 

What Happens During A Golf Clubs Fitting? 

Everybody can optimize their equipment and achieve longer, more accurate shots. With mis-fit clubs, you are adding points to your score. Just like tailored clothing, custom-fitted golf clubs are designed to your specs to correct shortcomings. Here’s what to expect when you enter a golf fitting shop: 

  • First step: Interview Process

Club fitting begins with your professional fitter obtaining the necessary information. Questions may include your current club specifications, what you like or hate about them, your ball flight tendencies, and your expectations for your new gear. To make sure that your expectations are met at the end of the fitting, answer as clearly and honestly as you can. 

  • Second step: Evaluation of Current Play

To help you perform to your best ability, your fitter will look at your golf bag to see what you’re playing with. Then, fitters need to measure each of these clubs’ characteristics and pinpoint what could potentially be hurting your gameplay. Flex length, swing weight, loft and lie – these are some of the factors your fitter will be examining in your current set. 

  • Third step: Static Measurement

Through the use of technology for swing analysis, your fitter will start evaluating your shots on the course. With hybrids, fairways and drivers, the discussion will revolve around varying models, lofts and shafts. In case of the iron fitting, the fitter will obtain information about your body type, including your physical measurements, as well as swing plane and tempo. 

  • Fourth step: Swing and Ball Flight Analysis

After a static measurement is made, fitters will make sure that the profile you first receive matches your actual gameplay. With launch monitors, they will let you use and swing different clubs with distinct specs. The process guides the fitters to decide which color code, loft, model, shaft flex, length and grip will give a player the best ball flight. 

  • Fifth step: Recommendation

Once you have tried out several golf clubs and gone through an intensive fitting process, it’s now time for the fitter to recommend the club that best matches you.  The final decision will always be yours; however, expect a qualified fitter to provide specific recommendations as to what gear will give you the best shots. 

Take your golf game to new heights. The current set in your golf bag might serve you well, but it’s always a wise decision to step up your game with clubs matched to you. Hit more fairways and score lower by getting your clubs fitted at a trusted, professional golf shop at Tulsa. Schedule your club fitting today at Tour Quality Golf and start optimizing both your enjoyment and your performance! Call us at (918) 221-7096 or visit our site here.

Club Fitting: Finding the Best Clubs for Your Playing Style

Club fitting is vital to playing your best game. Professional and amateur players alike benefit from a good fitting when getting new clubs. Some golfers even prefer different sets to suit their specific needs. Today, with the help of technological advancements such as launch monitors, you can track a ball during flight and record its statistics to identify the best clubs for you. 

Different Types of Golf Clubs

There are different types of clubs with different purposes. Whether for long distance or short distance strikes, you need to have a club that aligns with your strength and swing. Most professional golf players have multiple shafts with different clubs for a specific situation. 

Here are the different types of clubs you will need:

  • Woods – golfers use this club for propelling the ball from 200 to 350 yards, depending on the intensity of their swing. It is the largest of all clubs, and it has a rounded shape with a flat bottom to avoid hitting the ground after a shot. This is the fastest club to swing.
  • Irons ­- this type of club is commonly used by the average golfer when their ball is less than 200 yards from the green. They are numbered 1-9 and have a higher loft degree than woods. Irons are thin, and they have smaller heads than woods.
  • Wedges – golfers use wedges to make the ball fly in the air and land on the putting green. Its loft is higher than the other golf clubs. Wedges have the same club heads as irons, but they are smaller and thinner.
  • Putters – Putters are the smallest of all golf clubs, but they may be the most utilized. You can use putters to strike the ball gently and make it roll towards the hole. This type is the most specialized of all clubs, and it has the broadest range of varieties.

Why Is It Necessary to Be Fitted for Golf Clubs?

Club fitting ensures that the golf clubs you will use are appropriate for your stance, swing, strength, and other capabilities. If you pick a random club and use it without knowing its specifications, you are not going to get your best possible game out of it.

Here are the main reasons why you should undergo club fitting:

To Improve Your Swing

Having the right set of clubs for you will affect how you manage your swing. Instead of using different clubs for each type, sticking to your personal preference will give you more comfort and confidence.

To Understand More About How You Play

Club fitting can make you understand how your body moves when you strike the ball. This can make it easier for you to analyze and implement any changes you might want to add.

To Boost Your Confidence

Apart from getting physical upgrades, club fitting can also help in improving your state of mind. By figuring out the proper tools, you can increase your performance and enjoy the game more.

To Match Your Abilities

Every player gets better with practice. As you improve over time, you are going to need better equipment. Club fitting can help you figure out the perfect sets of clubs for your ability.

To Get Your Money’s Worth

Club fitting is free whenever you get a new set of clubs. So to get your money’s worth, take advantage of the situation, and make sure that you are getting the best clubs for the game.

Club Fitting Services from Tour Quality Golf

Tour Quality Golf is a leading golf company that aims to provide high-quality golf materials and services for both amateurs and professionals. With excellent club fitting procedures, we make sure that you get the appropriate equipment you need for maximum efficiency in the field. W 

Contrary to popular belief, golf is not an “easy” sport. There are particular dynamics and specific rules and routines you must follow to become disciplined. One of the first steps you should take when you are going through with this process is to undergo golf club fitting. With the help of golf professionals from Tour Quality Golf, you can unleash the ‘Tiger Woods’ within you. Contact us today at (918) 221-7096, or check out our website at

Putting 101: How to Grip Your Golf Putter like a Pro

Many golfers approach the putting green with a sense of dread. When golfers experience problems with their putting, they tend to relate it to how they grip their putters. Both professionals and amateurs can struggle to find a consistent technique that will put the ball into the hole. 

The grip connects you and the golf club. Over the years, putter grip options have evolved quite a bit. Although the traditional putting grip hasn’t been thrown out the window, many golfers today fix the flaws in their technique by changing the way they grip the putter with their hands or the actual grip itself. 

Do you know which putting grip fits your gameplay?

It is essential to learn the correct way of holding the putter. Golfers of any skill level struggle to find the right grip. The putting grip is different from player to player. A good grip will make it easier for you to control the clubface and square it through the ball at impact. Meanwhile, a bad grip can lead to excessive swinging.

For any putting grip, keep in mind that your palms should face each other to function together. When it comes to putters, there are different styles and methods to send the ball home. While there is no “best” putting grip, always consider what feels natural and comfortable to you. 

5 Putting Grip Styles to Try When You’re Struggling

If you are an amateur golfer, you may wonder if the different putting grip styles can change your game. The answer is, it depends on your comfort level and situation. Each putting grip technique has pros and cons, and there is no one right style for every golfer or shot. If you want to shed strokes, learn about the different forms for holding your putter. But remember: the following may or may not fit your gameplay: 

Overlap Putting Grip

If you have large or steady hands, the overlap putting grip is likely to work for you. The overlap is a standard grip that both amateur and Tour professionals use for putting. To do this, place your RIGHT pinky finger on top of the crease between your LEFT middle and index fingers. This technique will work best for golfers with strong or large hands since they usually overlap. 

Reverse Overlap Grip

You can see the reverse overlap on the PGA Tour. In this putting, your right-hand (for right-handed players) grips the club. The forefinger of your left hand should overlap three of the right-hand fingers. Make sure that your left thumb is resting flat on top of the putter grip as it keeps the putter face square at impact. This putting grip method can assist you in maintaining a constant feel from full shots to putts. But if you have problems managing your grip pressure, then this grip is not for you. 

Left Hand Low/Cross-Handed Grip

If you are not comfortable with the reverse overlap, you might opt for a low left-hand grip. As the name suggests, flip your hands so that your left hand is lower than your right hand. While this grip can take your hands out of the stroke, you will need to spend real time on the practice green to get used to the feel. The cross-handed grip will work well for golfers whose hands (left OR right) are too active during the stroke.

Claw/Pencil Putting Grip

Like most putting grips, the claw putting grip aims to eliminate extra movement in the hands and wrists. Grip the putter as usual with your left hand (right for lefties), then cock your right hand (left for lefties) to the side with the palm facing towards your body. When grabbing the grip, imagine that you are holding a pencil. If you want to make more consistent strokes, this putting grip will keep your right hand from overpowering the putter face. 

Arm Lock

This putting grip is a handy grip to learn. For right-handed golfers, the putter handle should lock against the inside of their left forearm. But if you are a leftie, it is your right inner forearm that should lock against the handle. The arm-lock putting grip requires a putter with a minimum of six degrees loft and a length that will let the handle rest flat against the inside of the left forearm. Each grip has its pros and cons. If the drawbacks of your selected putter grip are overwhelming, switch to another. There is no one right way when it comes to putting grip styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different grips. If it feels comfortable and produces your desired stroke, go for it.

For a more enjoyable game with your golf friends, choose the right grip for your gameplay from Tour Quality Golf!

Finding the Most Qualified Company for Club Fitting, Muskogee

When you are looking for a company that offers club fitting, Muskogee, find a highly qualified (if not the most qualified) one in the area. This way, you increase the chances of getting a top-notch quality service. After all, club fitting involves shelling out some serious amount of money that you do not want to go down the drain. And, more importantly, you want a club fitting company that does not compromise your performance during game.

Here are some tips that can help you find the right company for club fitting:

Find local. Why choose local? Obviously, it is more advantageous logistics-wise. You can easily visit the fitting studio without spending too much. By simply checking out the listing of some reputable local directories, you can come up a list of prospects that are nearest to your location. For instance, by using “club fitting near me” on Google search, a list of local club fitting shops in your area is returned in the search results.

Read reviews. They say that the best indicator of how good or bad a company that offers club fitting, Muskogee is the feedback from people who have experienced the service themselves. So, as you search for club fitting service providers in Muskogee, read the reviews (and ratings) they have gotten from their customers. If a company has way more negative reviews than the positive ones, then you have a valid reason to be skeptic. Cross that prospect out of your list and move on to find a new one.

Establish a set of criteria. Preparing a list of criteria will come in handy when you start to choose from your list of prospects. How do you select one from an array of options? Establishing a standard set of criteria can help make an easy comparison. Some items to consider are: the length of time in service; the portfolio; the prices; the number of brands they carry, among others.

The club you use can greatly affect your golf performance – be it on tour or just in a tournament in your neighborhood. Thus, it makes sense to use the most reputable club fitting company in your area.

Looking for a company that offers golf club fitting service, Muskogee? Contact Tour Quality Golf today at: (918) 221-7096

Golf Club Fitting in Tulsa, OK

Looking for the best golf club fitting company in Tulsa, Oklahoma online? Call Tour Quality Golf today! (918) 221-7096

Tour Quality Golf delivers top-notch golf club fitting at competitive prices for clients based in Tulsa and its surrounding areas. Our services have been designed to match every type of club fitting service you need – from golf ball to golf driver fitting, among others.

With a team of highly-skilled and experienced technicians, we can guarantee that we can deliver the kind of service that every good-paying customer deserves. In fact, Tour Quality Golf is the only golf club fitting company certified by GolfWorks ™ in Tulsa – this, along with positive reviews, validates the level of quality of service we have in store for you.

Come to our golf club fitting studio today and see for yourself our products and services. We are conveniently located in Broken Arrow in Oklahoma – a mere 15-minute drive from downtown Tulsa.

We recognize the fact that every player (every grip and swing) is unique, which is why we fit you with the right club based on careful and thorough assessment. We spend time to know you and your game in order to give you the best custom product that the industry can offer – the one that is tailored to your unique needs. You can rest assured that your golf club fitting needs are handled with utmost care.

With decades of experience serving the industry, we have mastered the process so that we give you nothing but the best golf club fitting service available today. This is also one of the reasons why many recommend our brand of service not just in Tulsa and Broken Arrow but across the wider area in Oklahoma.

Give us a call today at (918) 221-7096 if you have inquiries.

Why Tour Quality Golf is a preferred choice for golf club fitting in Tulsa

Our dedication to our work and our passion to deliver nothing but the best golf club fitting service to each and every client who comes to our studio is the main reason why our company has been the preferred choice of many clients in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We do not just make promises; we deliver results.

We are equipped with the necessary and technologically-advanced tools to help ensure that we are able to provide you a golf club fitting service that is just exactly what you need.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

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Our Golf Club Fitting Services:

  • Driver Fitting
  • Putter Fitting
  • Shaft Fitting
  • Ball Fitting
  • Iron Fitting
  • Hybrid Fitting
  • Wedge Gap Analysis
  • Grip Analysis

Cities we serve: Tulsa; Broken arrow; Owasso; Bixby; Jenks; and Muskogee

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