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Customize Your Club: The Best Custom Paint Filling Service in Owasso, OK

Many star golf players believe that having a personalized custom paint club can improve confidence, add a little appeal to your equipment, and increase its value. 

With its popularity among golfers, some go for Do-It-Yourself paint filling. That frugal option is a big NO for serious players. Custom paint filling can be delicate and complex. Only experts can do it correctly and with the best quality. Better to settle only for the best Custom Paint Filling Service provider in Owasso, Tour Quality Golf. 

Why Get a Customized Paint Fill For Your Golf Club?

Lots of people think that customized golf clubs are for pro players only. Getting a customized paint fill for your club doesn’t mean that you are showing off or seeking attention. In fact, even beginners can have a personalized club as long as it gives you a little joy at tee off. If that adds a layer of focus for you too, even better.

Custom Paint Filling: The Process

Before getting a custom paint fill, familiarize yourself with the whole process to ensure its quality and correctness. Make sure to leave your worries to the most trusted custom golf club in Owasso, Tour Quality Golf.

  1. Supplies

There are many supplies available for custom paint filling, depending on personal preferences and techniques. Tools and equipment needed to execute the process must be well-prepare and tested. These supplies must meet the standards for excellent quality paint to ensure a vibrant and long-lasting color. 

  1. Old Paint Removal

The removal of old paint is the most challenging part of the process. One wrong move, and you could ruin your beloved club. It is advisable to leave the old paint in acetone for a few minutes, then scrape off the remaining paint precisely to avoid damage.

  1. Painting

Important Tip: Paint in phases. A toothpick may be used to apply minimal amounts of paint to your club and prevent the paint from spreading to undesirable areas. Place the tip of the toothpick on the middle of the stamp and let the paint fill up the spaces. If a color variation is prefer, apply dark colors on the middle part and light colors on the edges. 

  1. Paint Polishing

Polishing is so satisfying! First, the paint is left to dry for 30-100 minutes for lettering and almost two days on large areas. A Q-tip dipped in acetone is used to do quick and one-direction stroke around the area of clean-up. It takes lots of expertise and patience in polishing to get a perfectly customize club. 

Final Thoughts

Club customization is becoming more popular. Custom paint filling is not as easy as you might think! It is a complex process that should be left to professionals. At Tour Quality Golf, we have experts that can provide top-notch custom paint filling service in Owasso, OK. Reach out to us by calling (918) 221 7096. You can also visit our website to learn more about our club repair services.