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Get Your Gear In Shape: When to Explore Loft and Lie Adjustment Service in Tulsa

Your gut isn’t always right, especially when choosing your golf equipment and lie adjustment. If you bought it off-the-rack iron just because Tiger Woods used it, you’re actually playing with fire. Remember that your build and swing type is entirely different from your friend or some Tour professional. What is working for them won’t always work for you.

It is the same with any other poorly fitted club. The game gets more challenging because your equipment is working against you. If you’re aiming to get better faster, your equipment match can be as important as your fundamentals. For example, lie angle affects the direction and flight of your ball while loft touches distance. Making minor adjustments to these areas can have a dramatic effect on your game.

If you’re in Tulsa, you aren’t far from making informed decisions about your golf equipment. You can search for “golf shop near me” or drive directly over to Tour Quality Golf and find high-quality club fit and repair services. We eliminate all the guesswork and closely work with you to find the best clubs for your swing and body type so you can play your best games! 

What It’s Like Playing With The Wrong Loft and Lie Angle

If you notice a change in your ball flight or distance, of course, the problem isn’t the club’s finish. The bandit could somewhere be in the lie angle or the loft. You should never ignore episodes of hits that are too far, too close, have too much spin, or don’t get enough at all. No matter how the small change is, it still influences the numbers you’ll have on your scorecard by the end of the game. Two degrees of loft can rob up to eight yards of distance. 

With a lie angle, if it’s way off, you might find it hard to hit the ball accurately. Too flat or too upright, and the lie angle sends the ball left or right. While this may not seem very noticeable in long irons, it can mean the difference between being in or out of a hazard when you’re swinging your wedge. If you want to save yourself the hassle of that all-day fight, get your clubs’ loft and lie angle checked regularly. Keeping them adjusted to your individual needs will help you stay confident when you swing– and play better golf. 

5 Signs it is Time to Explore a Loft and Lie Adjustment 

Loft and lie change over time. Having them checked and adjusted (if necessary) will definitely save you strokes and headaches. 

If you happen to notice these 5 signs, your loft and lie angle should get some professional help: 

  • TOO FLAT or TOO UPRIGHT lie angle 

You know something is wrong when your shots start traveling to the left of your target. Your lie angle is too flat. Conversely, it will be heading right if your club is too flat. With the right lie angle adjustment, these serious aim issues will be eliminated and you’ll have more control over your shots. 

  • INCORRECT loft

If your lofts are wrong on your irons, for instance, you will notice inconsistencies in your distance, backspin, and trajectory. Repeatedly hitting your club into the ground will change its properties over time. That’s why it’s necessary to get your loft checked at least once a year. Your local golf shop can check and make adjustments for you in a few minutes. 

  • Already WORN OUT golf club

You can’t get your playing partners to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ if you find it hard to get your ball close to the hole (even if you gave your A++ effort). Maybe the reason why you can’t hit pins is that you have worn-out clubs. Old clubs often have bigger problems than loft and lie.

  • CHANGES in distance and accuracy

If the loft and lie angle of your club is off, you will likely compensate. Golf is already a difficult game, with issues on these variables, things are even more challenging. You will see improvement in your game when a professional club fitter will get to check and match your clubs to your swings.  

  • Clubs need REGULAR CHECKUP

Not all clubs’ loft and lie angles are created equal for every brand. By getting yours checked once or twice a year, you can make sure that these aren’t the problems why you’re having consecutive bad days on the greens. 

Small changes are still changes. Visit Tour Quality Golf, and get your clubs checked – often like you get your favorite care checked! We’re here to help you play your best games with the best equipment. Call us TODAY!