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The Must-Have Custom Golf Shafts From A Golf Shop Near Me In Tulsa

Don’t be too hard on yourself– If you’re not hitting consistently, it may help to look at your gear. The culprit could be your golf club’s shaft. Many factors like torque, length, and weight affect club performance, especially when you compare the performance of a custom fitted shaft to a random stock shaft. With a custom golf shafts, you get a better swing, with longer, straighter shots. Imagine how that could level up your game!

Before jumping into a purchase, take a little time to think about your set’s current performance. It won’t make any sense to change out a set that is working just fine! Instead of jumping on a new-club bandwagon, consider where your current shafts are most likely not doing well. Are there trajectory, ball flight, and impact issues? If you know where you need improvement, you know what to look for in your new custom shaft! 

Golf Shop Tulsa: Custom Shafts In Contrast 

What do I need to know to make sure I’m getting the best shaft for my game play?

  • Stock Shafts

Stock shafts come pre-installed on a driver you buy at any store. While shaft quality has climbed steadily over the years, having the most appropriate shaft for your very own swing is what will shave points. Stock shafts are not custom-made for each golfer’s unique swing style. Instead, stock shafts aim at the most common, average traits of golfers and try to work the same way for everybody. 

  • Custom Golf Shafts

Custom golf shafts are those shafts that replace the pre-installed shaft you bought with your golf club. It’s an upgrade.
Custom golf shafts can be expensive because they are built with state-of-the-art technology and materials, but with a good fitting they almost always improve your game by helping you hit more consistently. 

  • Investment worthy

Golfers that most benefit from custom golf shafts are those with medium to high swing speed and those players who are more likely to be aggressive in transitions from their top backswing to the beginning of their downswing. A custom golf shaft is also advisable if you feel your club bending in the air during your swing.  

  • Advanced custom fitting

Club fitters are sophisticated. They will have access to a launching system or monitoring screen, where an electronic device is used to analyze all the aspects of your swing to see if you’re a good candidate for a custom fitting.  

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