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How you can Buy Accra Shafts with the Financing Solutions Available Today

For many, a big hurdle in golf is always the budget. Financing clubs can help golfers get into their first set of clubs– or their best set such as Accra golf shafts.

Buying golf equipment can be a big decision and can cost a lot of money. However, most golfers understand that the right equipment leads to better performance on the course. So they look for the most established brands in the golf industry, like Accra. Although it comes at a price, Accra is a high-quality brand that offers maximum stability for high-level golf players who have experienced swing speed issues due to injuries or age.

If you want to buy Accra golf shafts, Tour Quality Golf allows you to easily finance your purchase with ViaBill. 

How ViaBill Works

Since Accra golf clubs — and golf equipment in general — don’t come cheap, some golf shops add an alternative payment option for their customers. For instance, Tour Quality Golf has a payment feature that allows the customers to pay in four equal installments with ViaBill. ViaBill is an online installment payment service that serves as an alternative to a credit card or cash installment plans. 

If you plan to purchase an Accra driver or set of irons, you have an option to pay in full or let us handle the expenses. Just add the item to your cart and choose ViaBill as payment when you checkout. You need to enter your personal information such as email address and mobile number to secure the checkout flow. When we have sent your order, you will receive an email from ViaBill about the repayment. There are no credit checks on our standard ViaBill payment plans, but we do currently limit installment plan purchases to $300. 

The best part is that if you pay your installments on time you won’t incur any interest.

Finance your Accra Golf Shafts Today!

Accra has always prioritized the quality of their product. It is a leading brand when it comes to performance shaft upgrades and replacement. Accra’s performance golf shafts are not available “off the rack” since they only choose certified dealers for their product line. 

Get to know some of Accra’s lineup:

Tour  TZ

Accra designed the Tour TZ product line as stable shafts without the harsh feel that other firm shafts possess. This allows the beginners and professionals to benefit from lighter shafts designed to play like a heavyweight shaft. Buy from the TZ line of products and pay for only $40 a month for four months with our finance solutions.

iSeries Wood

The iSeries Wood has an incorporated carbon weave at the butt which makes it stronger while moving the center of gravity slightly towards the shaft’s butt section. The counter-balancing characteristic makes the iSeries wood the best choice of larger driver heads. If you are into a smoother release, you can get this iSeries Wood for only $31 a month, payable for four months.

SRT Junior Iron Shaft

The SRT Junior Iron shaft offers a premium lightweight selection of irons with an incorporated 0.580 butt diameter. This shaft has the same technology with the iSeries line, available in one flex, and can also be tipped to several stronger flexes as well. You can experience the SRT Junior iron shaft with the specifications that fit your golfing style for four payments of only $25. 

Accra FX Series Putter Shaft

Accra has considered lie, loft, and design analyses for the Accra FX Series Putter Shaft. This shaft is suitable for unique swing feels and characteristics. If you want to purchase an Accra FX Series shaft online, you can get if for only $25 a month over four months!

For golfers who want to stay updated with the newest equipment, Tour Quality Golf’s financing services can support you. Don’t let the cost of Accra golf shafts become a barrier to improving your golf game. With Tour Quality Golf’s financing services, owning your golf equipment is now easier than ever. Shop from our vast selection of Accra golf shafts and take advantage of our instant financing with ViaBill!