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To Refurbish or To Replace: Here’s What The Best Golf Refurnishing Service in Tulsa Has to Say

Golfers get attached to their favorite old clubs. Still, when they start to wear, you might think about replacement. Some players buy new golf clubs, but others get theirs refurbished. 

Refinish Over Replacing

Many golfers collect golf clubs in search of the one that will help them lower their scores. You don’t have to throw out old faithful! Consider refurbishing rather than replacing your best clubs to keep playing consistent games. Tour Quality Golf is a reliable golf shop that can refurbish you clubs!

Consider Refinishing Your Golf Clubs!

Refinishing your golf clubs is more about the improvement of your golf club’s appearance than playability.  

You can refinish your clubs yourself as long as you know how to do it properly. For example, in the case of your putter, check the shaft first. See if it’s bent or broken. If it doesn’t need to be replaced, you can install a new grip to finish your work. After that, you can use a belt sander with light sandpaper for the putter head. Use the belt sander all over the putter head to make its shine. Be careful that you don’t reduce the weight of your putter, or your swing will stop being consistent!.

If you don’t feel ready, consult Tour Quality Golf for putter repair.

Ways to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs 

Of course, you want your quality golf clubs to perform their best. Proper maintenance can contribute to your golf clubs’ longevity. 

Here are some tips for taking care of your golf clubs:

  • Store the clubs properly

The best advice is to store your golf clubs at home. It is not advisable to store your clubs in a car trunk because the temperature is inconsistent.

  • Clean your clubs before you put them away

This is especially important if your clubs are wet to prevent them from rusting. 

  • Find a Golf Towel

Attach one to your golfs bag and use it to wipe down your club faces and grips to remove moisture and debris. 

  • Protective headcovers for your Woods

Headcovers protect the delicate heads on your drivers and woods when they’re not in use. Don’t forget your putter!

  • Clean the club heads and grips in between play

Pamper your clubs by cleaning them every few rounds. Remove the dirt and debris in the grooves and grips– it only takes a few minutes to scrub your clubs with water, soap, and a soft-bristled brush.  (Don’t forget to dry them off!)

  • Inspect your grips regularly

Look for signs of wear when cleaning your grips. If you see shiny areas or cracks, you might have to consider getting new grips. You can DIY re-gripping your golf clubs, but consulting a golfs shop is easier. 

  • Inspect your shafts

Look for dents, nicks, or splits in the shaft when cleaning. If you find any of these, it is time to replace the shaft. Shafts last longer if handled correctly and if used in regular golfs play. 

It only takes a few days to have your clubs refinished, and it is worth the time and money. Seek out Tour Quality Golf’s club refinishing services by calling us at (918) 221-7096 or visiting our site here: https://www.tourqualitygolf.com/