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Should You Take Golf Lessons?

No matter what draws you to the course, golf lessons are priceless and worth it. 

Whether you are playing golf for a social event such as a corporate golf outing or a golf league, joining friends or family members for a regular round of golf, or playing competitively, golf lessons are priceless–and the proven results can last a lifetime.

For an avid golfer looking to improve a golf swing flaw, perhaps one or two private lessons should do. People recommend a five-lesson series for a new golfer hoping to develop a consistent swing. But note that finding time for practice between lessons is the key. No matter how many golf lessons you take, fundamentals must be established to build or change a golf swing successfully. 

When Should You Take Golf Lessons? 

Are you a beginner?

Our advice is to take lessons. Golf is not a sport that books and videos alone can teach. Just like any other skill, there are good and bad golf habits. You won’t determine the difference if you’re new to the game. Are you gripping the club too much? Is your posture too stiff? Learn how to practice pitch shots. Golf lessons from a seasoned professional will give you a stable foundation for building your skills.

Are you getting rusty? 

No matter how trained your muscles are, the mind still has to load instructions for the body to follow every time you swing a golf club. You are probably out of practice unless you play 12 months a year. Getting lessons will help you rebuild some of those reflexes and instincts. 

Need Help Upgrading Your Golf Gear?

Golf enthusiasts take their equipment seriously. Their choices determine their experience on the golf course. If you want the best products in golfing, you need information that will lead to high-quality items that fit your game. Unbiased reviews will guide you to products designed to enhance your golfing career or hobby and ensure that you are safe and comfortable when playing golf. 

It’s important for golfers to get good advice about purchases. 

Golf Plateau

When you first played golf, it is likely that you quickly saw improvements in your game. As time goes by, the changes and improvements become subtler, and your ability and score can start to level off. Despite how much you try, you’ve reached a plateau where your game doesn’t seem to change or improve over time. For many golfers, this can be understandably frustrating! Thankfully, plateaus can be worked through at any level. 

Thoughts about Golf Lessons

Lessons for Beginners are Essential – golf is not intuitive. Everyone has to learn how to swing a club. Not even the best pros have simply picked up a club and instantly knew how to swing it. 

Lessons are the Best Way to Improve – Lessons help knock off the rust off your game and pinpoint where you got worse. It can also be a direct way to improve when your game plateaus and your instructor’s professional opinion about your gear can save you a ton of money. 

If you’re ready for your golf lessons, membership to Tour Quality Golf’s Sheridan Club is a great option, especially if you’re in Tulsa, OK, or a nearby area. We have PGA-certified instructors that are available to cater to you year-round. 

Gear Opinions 

You can find this kind of person in any sport, but they’re going to stand out when they’re outstanding on the golf course. It’s that person who constantly upgrades their clubs, grips, or balls based on the latest trend… instead of what matches their game.

In reality, a good golfer will always play a fair round, even with mediocre equipment. Even with the latest trendy driver, a bad golfer will play a bad round. If you’re using the same club you started with (or got it from your dad), getting an opinion from a professional can’t hurt. After a golf lesson, you can ask our PGA-certified instructors for feedback and honest opinion on what upgrade suits your game. 

For your golf equipment needs, you can also visit Tour Quality Golf’s Online Shop.