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What to Expect During Your Golf Lessons

Golfers from different levels want to improve their swing. Whether you are playing golf socially, such as corporate weekend golf sessions or a golf league, joining friends or family for a regular round of golf, or playing competitively, golf lesson are priceless and worth it.

It typically starts when you meet your Instructor. They’ll be your biggest advocate. Discuss things with them—your plans, issues, and what you want to happen.


Our PGA Certified, on site instructors will evaluate your swing. You and your Instructor will discuss where your game is now and where you’d like it to be. Your Instructor will determine your swing using different methods available to analyze your level in-depth.

Be Ready to Swing 

When you arrive at your lessons, expect to swing a lot. Bring your full set of clubs. Wear whatever is comfortable to swing in. Our Instructors recommend golf or tennis shoes.


Your coach will analyze your current swing, combining information gathered to identify areas that need improvement. Don’t be discouraged by your current swing. You’re here for a reason, to improve.

Review your Goals 

Now is the time to talk about your goals. The coach will ask you your goals and consider your swing in the initial evaluation. No matter how lofty your goals are, don’t hesitate. This is the time to talk about what you want to achieve in golf.

This is also the right time to ask for some gear opinions.

Gear Opinions 

You can now ask your coach for an unbiased opinion on what will work for you and your game.

Club Fittings 

Tour Quality Golf has the largest selection of equipment in the state of Oklahoma. We have the largest offering of custom and aftermarket shafts in the state. If you aren’t getting fit for your clubs with us, we can guarantee that you aren’t playing your best golf.


Now is the best time to practice. Use the information you learned in your lessons to make yourself better. Practice drills and motion swings that your Instructor gave you for the motion to become a muscle reflex to you.  You want to improve each time you have a golf lesson. And that can only happen if you practice in between sessions. Being out of your comfort zone is where you’ll see that you are improving. Practice doesn’t make perfect; it is designed for improvement.

During Practice

Poor shots have their place during practice. You have to be familiar with both good and bad shots to determine which is which. Have a positive attitude. No one miraculously becomes a PGA tour player overnight.

Ask for a Feedback

No one knows your game better than yourself and your Instructors. From time to time, ask them for feedback. They are generally happy to provide follow-up feedback.

Thoughts About Golf Lesson:

Tour Quality Golf has a lot to offer such as golf lesson and having the largest selection of equipment to fit you within the entire state of Oklahoma. They also offer memberships. Some of the benefits are access to their indoor golf, club repairs, and fittings. They also hold tournaments and games.

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