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Why Should You Take Golf Lessons?

Typically, anyone would benefit from golf lessons; whether you are playing golf socially, with friends, colleagues, family, or play competitively, you would benefit from it.

But note that finding time for practice between lessons is the key. No matter how many golf lessons you take, fundamentals must be established to successfully build or change a swing.

Swing Evaluation

We have PGA Certified instructors onsite that will dive into evaluating your swing. They will discuss things with you to determine where your game is at the moment and where you would like it to be. And after you’re done, you won’t be guessing what’s holding your game back. Your instructor will provide a breakdown of your issues and make a plan to fix them.

On your first day, aside from the orientation, you’ll be swinging a lot. This will help our PGA Certified instructors further analyze and help you with your current swing. Be prepared to swing a lot, so make sure that you bring your full set of clubs and wear golf or tennis shoes.

Golf Club Fittings

Tour Quality Golf has the largest selection of golf equipment to fit you in Oklahoma. We have the largest offering of custom and aftermarket shafts in the state.

Based on the instructor and fitter’s analysis of your swing and the data from the swing evaluation, the fitter will change out heads and shafts and adjust weights to tune in the perfect settings that’ll compliment your swing style. This combination of knowledge of the fitter and the technology and understanding your ball flight provides a view of what club is the best for you and your style.

Importance of Club Fitting

Club fittings aren’t all about increasing distance; focusing on accuracy is another crucial element of club fitting. If changing heads and shafts and adjusting the weights won’t give you more distance, tightening up the dispersion might help.

Club fitting has a lot of controversies as many people think that it is only a gimmick. There’s no way to convince anyone unless you try it yourself. Professionals do it for a reason.

Golf Gears 

A good golfer will always play a fair round, even with mediocre equipment. A bad golfer will play a bad round even with the latest trendy driver.

The perfect time to ask your instructor for an opinion regarding golf gears has come. After your lessons, you can ask for an unbiased opinion on products that will work with you and your game with the current information.


Tour Quality Golf has been helping golfers play better golf since 2014. Aside from a large selection of golf equipment to fit you, we offer memberships, including indoor golf, club repairs, and fittings. We also hold tournaments and games to improve you further and give you something to look forward to.

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