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Getting The Most From Your Golf Lessons

People take golf lessons for different reasons. Some want to compete, learn for their weekend social enjoyment, or other reasons.

Before seeking out golf instructors, you should know first why you want to take golf lessons and what you are planning to do with them. That’ll help you narrow down your search for an instructor, and it will help them tailor lessons to your goals.

Find an Instructor

Ideally, you want an instructor who is near you. But the most important factor is to find one that you can get along with. Look for one who has had success with similar students.

Interview each one either in person or by phone. This interview will give you a sense of whether you and that Instructor will be fit for each other. It is also your chance to talk about scheduling, cost, group, private lessons, and so on.


Relax, wear comfortable clothes, and have a visor, glove, and water bottle. Loosen up with some stretching and warm-ups. The first day of the lesson should not be a practice session; you’re just trying to get your body ready for the lesson.

Make sure you bring your whole set of clubs if you own a set. If not, tell your Instructor in advance so they can provide the equipment you’ll need.

A golf journal would be really helpful when you start; you can take notes of things you have learned, key takeaways, etc.

During the lesson

You can expect a lot of questions during the first lesson; answer truthfully.

Don’t ask your Instructor what’s wrong with your swing. Instead, ask what’s been going wrong. Most of the time, instructors already know what’s wrong with your swing by the 3rd swing.

Do not try to impress your Instructor. You’re here for a reason, golf lessons. Be open about how often you play and what you find difficult.

There’s nothing wrong with not understanding some of the golf jargon. Get the most out of your payment and ask questions.

Be open to your Instructor; it’s their expertise. Try what your coach recommends and see what happens. You’ll surely smile when it does work.

When you are working on a technique, exaggerate the new motion pattern. It will help your coach fine-tune any corrections. And it will help you solidify the feelings of the new movement.

After the lessons

After the lesson, ask your Instructor for feedback.

Get them to help you summarize what you learned during the session and what you should focus on now.

Write down what you learned so that you may review the details you might have missed when you go to practice. And if you record, you can also note how you are improving.


The sooner you start practicing what you learned, the better. Do it immediately after the session if you can.

Practice drills and motion swings that the Instructor gave you to be a muscle reflex.

Or, you can show up at your next lesson and remain the same. That is a waste of your time and money.

You want to improve each time you have a golf lesson. And that can only happen if you practice in between sessions.

If you want to improve, you should be outside your comfort zone during practice. That’s alright; it may be a new weird feeling. It’s not bad. It’s a good thing.

That means that you will be outside your comfort zone during practice.

During practice

It’s ok to hit poor shots; that’s part of a lesson, but you should hit some ‘wow’ shots as well, that you should enjoy. Have a positive attitude. You won’t miraculously be a PGA tour player overnight.

Set realistic goals. Work hard. When you reach those, repeat the process with more.

Keep in touch with your Instructor

Don’t hesitate to contact your Instructor with additional questions. Even when your lesson concludes and you have some time away from your teacher to practice, they are generally happy to provide follow-up feedback.

Final Thoughts on Golf Lessons

Finding an instructor is a dilemma for a lot of people. We have a solution for you if you’re in Tulsa, OK, or a nearby area. Tour Quality Golf is now offering Sheridan Club Membership. One of the many perks of being a member is our PGA-certified instructors available year-round.

After your golf lessons, you can also practice in our indoor golf no matter the weather.

Remember, golf is meant to be recreation. It should be a stress reliever and should be enjoyable. Enjoy yourself. If you are stressed about your golf lessons, you are missing the biggest golf element – having fun.