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Tour Quality Golf Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Hybrid Golf Club

For some reason, hybrid golf clubs have a reputation for being the last resort of players who need longer shots. Some golfers think that it is best to turn to hybrids when long irons do not work and there is no other option. This line of thinking should have faded years ago. In reality, a hybrid golf club should be in every golfers’ bag, regardless of their skill level. 

In layman’s terms, a hybrid is a combination of iron and wood. Today, hybrids have become more and more well-known to players of all skill levels. Although there are still players who keep holding on to their long irons (you know who you are), the rest of the golf world has decided that hybrids are the way to go. With its rising popularity, many club manufacturers today limit their iron sets to only six to seven irons, leaving more space for hybrids in exchange for long irons. Top professionals use hybrid clubs for similar reasons that amateurs use them: They’re forgiving, easy to hit, and versatile. If you are an inexperienced player, you can benefit from having at least one hybrid in your golf bag. 

Why Use Hybrid Golf Club?

When you buy a hybrid golf club, it will only require a little bit of adjustment once you hit a few practice balls. Moreover, it shouldn’t take you more than a few rounds to get comfortable using your new hybrid club if you have purchased one that suits your swing. 

Most golfers pick up a couple of hybrid clubs to replace long irons that don’t deliver. If you have two long irons in your bag that don’t cooperate, it is only right to replace them with hybrids to get more out of your set. 

Another reason why hybrid golf clubs get attention is their extra forgiveness. Hybrids are less stressful to hit and much more controllable than long irons and fairway woods due to their larger sweet spot and shorter shaft. Their smaller heads also allow players to reach a ball buried in rough better than a fairway wood can. 

4 Tips of Hitting a Hybrid like a Pro

Today, most golfers have at least a single hybrid in their sets of clubs. But how do you swing your hybrid correctly? Before understanding the right way to hit with a hybrid, it might help to understand its design. The head of hybrids is more profound than an average iron but shallower than standard wood. This design allows golfers to hit with the club on more challenging lies normally reserved for an iron. Here are four tips to ponder if you want to get the most out of your hybrid:

  • Don’t swing the hybrid like a wood

Many golfers make the mistake of swinging their hybrids like they would on a wood shot. Although a hybrid golf club looks similar to a fairway wood, you need to play it like a long iron. There shouldn’t be any problem since an iron’s shaft length is only slightly shorter than a hybrid.

  • Don’t grip it too tight

Although a hybrid is a combination of irons and woods, treat it like a long iron when holding for a shot. Don’t hold it too tight to avoid pressure on the arm. Press your hands gently forward, then lean on your forward side for the right posture. 

  • Adjust your stance

Golf is not only about swings – your posture can influence your game as well. To make a hybrid shot, aim for a narrower stance. Make sure that your hands are in line with the ball, set your feet under your armpits, and keep your weight centered. With this position, you can prevent the “roundness” that produces thin and fat shots.

  • Don’t set up further from the ball than you need to

When you place yourself with the ball too forward, there is a chance that you will miss it. If you struggle with getting the correct ball position, place the ball a bit further up the stance. Your sternum should be behind the ball. 

  • Aim for a descending shot

Avoid using a sweeping motion like you would with a fairway wood. Instead, apply a descending strike when sending the ball home similar to how you hit it with a 5-iron.

There is no doubt why the hybrid golf club is a secret weapon for golfers that include one in their bags. If you are still using your 3-iron, swap that club for a hybrid. These hybrids offer some performance advantages: They land more softly on the green, are easy to hit, and are super forgiving compared to your long irons and fairway woods. If you’re ready to try some hybrids, get fitted with Tour Quality Golf today! Call (918) 221-7096 for more details.