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Golf Lessons at Tour Quality Golf

People enroll in golf lessons with all kinds of goals in mind. They may be looking forward to competing in a golf tournament, just looking to level up with proper guidance, or learning the basics of a new hobby. 

Golf Instructors

You must know why you want to take golf lessons and what you want to do with them when looking for potential instructors. It will be easier for you to find an instructor that will teach you what you want to learn in the way you want to be taught if you’re first clear about your goals.

A nearby instructor is ideal, but only sometimes possible. However, finding someone you get along with is the most crucial component, and it’s best if you can find someone with demonstrated success with students with needs similar to yours.

Talk to each instructor you find to see if you mesh. You can discuss the schedule, fees, group versus private sessions, etc. too.

Your First Day:

  • Relax! 

Get comfortable and ready to have fun. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Bring a water bottle or two and a pair of gloves. Stretch and warm up a little before your lesson time. 

The first day of your lesson shouldn’t be about stressing your body. It should be about you taking in what the instructors will tell you. 

  • Bring Clubs  

If you have a set of clubs, ensure you bring the whole thing. Don’t have your own? Let your instructor know in advance so you can coordinate to make sure you have the necessary gear.

  • Take Notes

A golf notebook is helpful when you start; you can note things you have learned, significant takeaways, etc. Some people keep a golf notebook for years or even their whole golf careers.

  • Be Honest

During the first class, you can anticipate many questions from your instructor. Please provide honest responses. Usually, instructors can tell what’s wrong with your swing after three tries, so you won’t have to ask specific questions early on–just trust the process.

After the Lessons

After the lesson, ask your instructor for feedback. Get them to help you summarize what you learned during the session and what you should focus on now.

Write down what you learned so that you can review the details soon after practice and again before your next one (and in between). If you record videos of yourself, watch those soon while the lesson is still fresh. Don’t forget to review what you did well!


Practice as soon as possible for you if you can. Right after the lesson is best. Work on the swing motions that the instructor gave you.

Do not be afraid to ask your instructor any further questions. They are typically willing to give you follow-up feedback even after your lesson is over and you have some time to practice without them.


Finding an instructor is a dilemma for a lot of people. We have a solution for you if you’re in or near Tulsa, OK. Tour Quality Golf is the only area company certified by GolfWorks. We have an indoor facility where you can practice and take lessons from our PGA-certified instructors year round! 

Contact us now to level up your golf game!