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Find the Best Golf Shop in Tulsa at Tour Quality Golf

Welcome to Tour Quality Golf, your premier destination for all things golf in Tulsa. Our golf shop is the best place to find the latest clubs, accessories, and gear from the top brands in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our team of experts is here to help you find everything […]

Discover the Best Indoor Golf in Tulsa at Tour Quality Golf

Welcome to Tour Quality Golf, your premier indoor golf facility in Tulsa. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best golf experience in town. If you’re looking for a fun, comfortable, and affordable way to improve your game, you’ve come to the right place. Our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator is the […]

Why Do We Offer Custom Golf Club Fitting?

When a golfer takes the game seriously, seemingly insignificant details can help him or her reach big goals. The right attention on the right things makes for growth. Professional golf club fitting is an element of preparation many people assume won’t have much impact. Here at Tour Quality Golf, we use our launch monitors to […]

Are Golf Lessons For You?

For people who want to improve their craft, whether they play golf socially, in a golf league, or even professionally, golf lessons are worth a try. Tour Quality Golf provides on-site lessons from PGA-certified instructors. When you initially meet with your instructor, you can talk about where you are now and where you want to […]

Golf Lessons at Tour Quality Golf

People enroll in golf lessons with all kinds of goals in mind. They may be looking forward to competing in a golf tournament, just looking to level up with proper guidance, or learning the basics of a new hobby.  Golf Instructors You must know why you want to take golf lessons and what you want […]

Join the TrackMan Virtual League 2023 with Tour Quality Golf

Golf tournament such as virtual league play differs significantly from a leisure/casual round. It sometimes seems like an altogether different sport. You’re not playing with the usual faces since some players may travel many miles to play. Instead of jokes and breezy conversation, the mood can be a little intense. The pressure is real. TrackMan […]

TrackMan 4, Tour Quality Golf’s Indoor Golf Simulator in Oklahoma

If you golf, you play outdoors. There is no substitute for outdoor golf, but indoor courses do have some advantages. Even professionals use indoor golf simulator to practice their shots and develop stronger swings, despite the common perception that it is not the “real thing.”   Indoor golf simulators are a cutting-edge innovation that is becoming […]

Tour Quality Golf: Indoor Golf Essentials

Golf requires practice, but, as they say, practice doesn’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect. Practicing your swing and putts at home is better than nothing, but it doesn’t often provide insightful feedback. It’s preferable to practice where you can collect data that assists you in getting better (without running the risk of throwing your […]

Winter Season Indoor Golf

We love golfing outside. We’d probably do it every day if we could. Unless it was raining. Or really windy. Or we only had time for a few holes. Or we wanted instant feedback on our swings and puts… People sometimes disregard winter season indoor golf  for being an imitation of the real thing, but […]

What To Do During Your Golf Lessons

People enroll in golf classes or lessons for a broad range of reasons. Some people choose to compete, practice for weekend fun, or pursue other goals. Before seeking a golf instructor, you should know your goals and motives for taking golf lessons. That will help you find an instructor that understands your needs, and it […]

Get Your Golf Lessons at Tour Quality Golf

Have you ever wondered if you could one day play like Dustin Johnson? Do you want to put the golf ball closer to the hole from inside 100 yards? It is possible with persistence and patience through lessons. Every professional was a beginner once! Want to improve quickly? Visit Tour Quality Golf and get golf […]

What Trackman Can Offer To You?

Indoor golf simulators like Trackman are an innovative technology gaining popularity among golf enthusiasts. It is more affordable than going to a golf club and spending an entire day inside the facility. It is accessible, you can play golf all year long as the weather won’t matter inside the facility, and it is a fun […]

Indoor Golf Tournaments at Tour Quality Golf

Have you heard that famous Jim Rohn quote about how we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with? At the Sheridan Golf Club, you get to spend time with other successful people and play golf tournaments. Amateurs and novice golfers around Oklahoma test their skills on some of the […]

Practice Your Swing at an Indoor Golf Simulator

Getting better at golf takes work, and practicing your putts and swing at home doesn’t provide for the most useful feedback. It’s better to practice somewhere like golf simulator that you’ll get data to help you improve …without the danger of putting your driver through a window! To get better quickly you need a specific […]