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Welcome to Tour Quality Golf, your premier destination for all things golf in Tulsa. Our golf shop is the best place to find the latest clubs, accessories, and gear from the top brands in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our team of experts is here to help you find everything you need to take your game to the next level. Come visit us today and see why we’re the top golf shop in Tulsa.

The Benefits of Shopping at Tour Quality Golf

At Tour Quality Golf, we offer a range of benefits that set us apart from other golf shops in Tulsa. First and foremost, we carry the latest and greatest golf equipment from the top brands in the game. From drivers and irons to putters and wedges, we have everything you need to improve your game. Additionally, our expert staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect equipment for your unique needs and playing style. We take the time to get to know you and your game, so we can make personalized recommendations that will help you play your best.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to finding the best golf shop in Tulsa, Tour Quality Golf is the obvious choice for many reasons. First, we carry a wide variety of golf equipment from the top brands in the game. Our selection includes everything from clubs and bags to gloves and hats, so you can find everything you need in one convenient location. Additionally, our expert staff is passionate about golf and dedicated to helping you find the perfect equipment for your game. From club fitting and repair services to custom orders, we have everything you need to play your best.

  • We carry a wide variety of golf equipment from the top brands in the game.
  • Our expert staff is passionate about golf and dedicated to helping you find the perfect equipment for your game.
  • We offer club fitting and repair services to help you get the most out of your equipment.

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If you’re looking for the best golf shop in Tulsa, look no further than Tour Quality Golf. Our wide selection of golf equipment, expert staff, and range of services and amenities make us the premier choice for golfers of all skill levels. Come visit us today and see why we are the top golf shop in Tulsa. Contact us at (918) 221-7096 or visit to learn more. We look forward to helping you take your game to the next level.

Golf Shaft Shopping Guide: Tour Quality Golf

Stop knocking yourself out: You may think that you’re game is not improving. A visit in your golf bag may be the key, and the culprit could be your club’s shaft. A lot of factors such as torque, length, and weight affect club performance, especially when you compare the performance of a custom shaft to a standard one. With a custom shaft, you can manipulate it to have a better swing and longer and straighter shots.


Before making a new purchase, take some time to reflect on your performance. It doesn’t make sense to change out a set that works well. Instead of joining the latest trend craze, consider where your current setup is not doing well. It may be trajectory, ball flight, distance, or impact issues. When you know where you need improvement, you’ll know what to look for in your new shaft.

Golf Shop Tulsa: Custom Golf Shaft In a Contrast 

What do I need to know to make sure I’m getting the best shaft for my gameplay?

  • Stock Shafts

Stock shafts are shafts that came pre-installed on a driver you buy at a store. Shaft quality has steadily climbed over time, but having the most appropriate shaft according to your style will give you fewer points. Stock shafts are not custom-made for each golfer’s playing style. They aim at the golfer’s most common or average traits and try to work it the same way for everyone.

  • Custom Golf Shafts

Custom golf shafts usually are upgrades from pre-installed shafts in store-bought golf clubs. They are expensive due to their state-of-the-art technology and materials. With a good fit, they’re proven to improve your game consistently.

  • Investment worthy

Golfers with medium to high swing speed benefit the most from custom golf shafts. Players who are aggressive from the back to downswing. Having a custom golf shaft is also advisable if you feel the club bending in the air during a swing.

  • Advanced custom fitting

The perfect golf club is the product of precise fine-tuning. We recognize that every golfer and golf swing is unique; that is a fact. Here at Tour Quality Golf, the only certified shop by GolfWorks™ in Tulsa-we spend time getting to know you and your game before fitting you with the perfect club set. We have a complete set of club fitting services for you, from the driver and shaft fitting to a gripping analysis.

Stop hesitating, pay a visit to Tour Quality Golf, and look at the biggest lineup of golf gear in Tulsa. You may also try our indoor golf, which uses Trackman 4 technology. Improve your golf game with us here at the best golf shop in Tulsa, or visit our website for more information.

Shoot Under Par with Graphite Design Tour AD HD Available at Tour Quality Golf

Sometimes we focus on getting the most famous golf clubs such as Graphite Design Tour AD HD to take to our game. We often forget that players have different styles in hitting a shot and analyzing every stroke to execute. This is a must-read if you’re one of those players who doesn’t focus on shaft flexes. Shaft flex in your golf club affects the impact, accuracy, trajectory, and distance of your shot, so getting the right flex means better performance on the course.

Why Get the Right Shaft Flex?

Flex is your shaft’s ability to bend as you swing and apply force into it. These forces vary depending on the golfer’s swing kinematics: fast, slow, smooth, and jerky. Shaft flexes are often rated as X, S, R, A, and L.

You are free to choose the kind of shaft you purchase, whether a stiffer shaft or a shorter shaft, depending on your preference. However, it would help if you noted that as the shaft flexes, the club is affected. Players target perfectly straight or parallel to the target line impact at every shaft. Not getting the proper shaft flex for your shaft results in club misalignment, off-target shot, and weak impact at the shot.

Getting the correct shaft flex is a combination of quality equipment and a skilled golf customizer that will help you get your perfect flex and fit. Tour Quality Golf can undoubtedly give you the golf equipment you dream of and the perfect shaft flex you need for your game.

Things You Shouldn’t Miss about Graphite Design Tour AD HD

Every year Graphite Design has an addition to their family of golf shafts. Tour AD HD is one of the most exciting shafts released in 2021. Here are four things you shouldn’t miss on this fantastic shaft.

Fast Taper TechnologyGraphite Design Tour AD HD boasts the Fast Taper Technology (FTT) that improves the overall feeling of maximum club head control at impact, increases the clubhead speed, and improves the golf swing consistency on every shot. FTT incorporates a specific portion of the mandrel that creates its unique shaft profile. 

  • Material Stiffness Integration 

Of course, graphite design always has its Material Stiffness Integration (MSI). It is Graphite Design’s phenomenal design concept on their golf shafts. The material is made from graphite fiber and resin, engineered ideally to contribute to the feel, consistency, and distance of golf shafts. Graphite fiber improves the vibration at impact, while resin absorbs the excess vibration to create the “exquisite” feel. 

  • TORAY M40X

The new TORAYCO M40X material is 30% stronger in flexural and compression strength than its predecessor, allowing our engineers to design a shaft that is stronger yet slightly lighter in weight. With these carbon fiber materials, players can load the shaft with more energy and increased ball speeds and distance. 

  • HyperDrive Look

The wise choice of color palette and bold graphics makes this shaft a head-turner. Its matte-white finish with subtle light blue and black accents leaves great eye appeal. The sparkle effect on its light blue palette adds to the elegance and power of this shaft. You notice a small “Accuracy and Distance” at the logo tip, an effective branding strategy in graphite Design’s end. The overall visual design allows you to feel the “HyperDrive” this shaft offers.

Visit the One-Stop Golf Store in Tulsa 

Tour Quality Golf has a complete set of club fitting services – from golf ball to golf driver fitting – to ensure that you get the right product for you and your unique golf swing. We are committed to giving you only maximum satisfaction with the materials and service. We are the only company certified by GolfWorks ™ in Tulsa. Contact us and get an extra boost in your winning golf equipment through our services.

Play Your Best: Why You Need a Reliable Grip Installation Service in Tulsa

You can’t hit perfectly with your new club, without good practice or proper golf grips. Golfers tend to overlook the latter, basic as it is, and miss a chance to play better games. You can’t get your dream pars and birdies or simply hit bomb shots if you can’t grip your club comfortably. Golf grips make that possible! Tour professionals are willing to invest thousands of dollars for quality grips from known brands like Golf Pride and Lamkins. If they put that much attention to this, shouldn’t you? 

Golf grips are also susceptible to wearing down over time. A thousand strokes take a toll. The grips get slick and uncomfortable. The general rule of thumb is for golfers to replace golf grips every six months for those who play often. Otherwise, once per year is perfect. 

While you can always try to replace your grips yourself, some just don’t have the time, and others find it complicated. If you’re in Tulsa, you can always turn to your local golf store, Tour Quality Golf, to get the job done quickly! 

Why Do You Need Grip Installation for Your Golf Club?

Recreational players and beginners usually don’t give a lot of thought to the grips they buy. Sometimes, some of them will search “golf shop near me” on the web, go there, and get the first golf grip they’ll find. However, after some time, they will realize that golf is a sport that requires attention, practice, and precision. It also needs the right equipment to produce better games.  

A golf grip that is incorrectly fitted will consistently break your game. It will cause tension, which in return will limit your driving distance and decrease your effectiveness at impact.

A tailor-fitted golf grip results in full control throughout your swing. In turn, this allows effective impact as your arms and shoulders remain relaxed during the game. 

What are the Qualities of an Excellent Golf Grip Service Provider?

You have a lot of options when it comes to golf clubs for sale in Tulsa. But, getting a good golf club is not enough. Make sure that you get a proper golf grip installation too.

What to look for when you choose a golf grip service provider:

  • Experience

Accumulated experience is one of the most valuable assets any pro shop can have. When a golf shop has been operating for years, you know that it provides quality grip installation.  

  • Service Reputation

Exceptional service should be table stakes at a shop. In addition, a great shop should be able to help you find the equipment that’s most compatible with your body and swing.  

  • Insight

It is normal for equipment selection to be difficult. Great gold shops ease that difficulty by providing you with useful insights about how to choose equipment and, if you’re installing it yourself, they should be able to advise you on best practices. 

Here at Tour Quality Golf, we take pride as one of the longest-running golf shops in Tulsa. Contact us for any golf service at (918) 221 7096 or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit our website to find out the exceptional services that we offer.

Get Your Gear In Shape: When to Explore Loft and Lie Adjustment Service in Tulsa

Your gut isn’t always right, especially when choosing your golf equipment. If you bought it off-the-rack iron just because Tiger Woods used it, you’re actually playing with fire. Remember that your build and swing type is entirely different from your friend or some Tour professional. What is working for them won’t always work for you.

It is the same with any other poorly fitted club. The game gets more challenging because your equipment is working against you. If you’re aiming to get better faster, your equipment match can be as important as your fundamentals. For example, lie angle affects the direction and flight of your ball while loft touches distance. Making minor adjustments to these areas can have a dramatic effect on your game.

If you’re in Tulsa, you aren’t far from making informed decisions about your golf equipment. You can search for “golf shop near me” or drive directly over to Tour Quality Golf and find high-quality club fit and repair services. We eliminate all the guesswork and closely work with you to find the best clubs for your swing and body type so you can play your best games! 

What It’s Like Playing With The Wrong Loft and Lie Angle

If you notice a change in your ball flight or distance, of course, the problem isn’t the club’s finish. The bandit could somewhere be in the lie angle or the loft. You should never ignore episodes of hits that are too far, too close, have too much spin, or don’t get enough at all. No matter how the small change is, it still influences the numbers you’ll have on your scorecard by the end of the game. Two degrees of loft can rob up to eight yards of distance. 

With a lie angle, if it’s way off, you might find it hard to hit the ball accurately. Too flat or too upright, and the lie angle sends the ball left or right. While this may not seem very noticeable in long irons, it can mean the difference between being in or out of a hazard when you’re swinging your wedge. If you want to save yourself the hassle of that all-day fight, get your clubs’ loft and lie angle checked regularly. Keeping them adjusted to your individual needs will help you stay confident when you swing– and play better golf. 

5 Signs it is Time to Explore a Loft and Lie Adjustment 

Loft and lie change over time. Having them checked and adjusted (if necessary) will definitely save you strokes and headaches. 

If you happen to notice these 5 signs, your loft and lie angle should get some professional help: 

  • TOO FLAT or TOO UPRIGHT lie angle 

You know something is wrong when your shots start traveling to the left of your target. Your lie angle is too flat. Conversely, it will be heading right if your club is too flat. With the right lie angle adjustment, these serious aim issues will be eliminated and you’ll have more control over your shots. 

  • INCORRECT loft

If your lofts are wrong on your irons, for instance, you will notice inconsistencies in your distance, backspin, and trajectory. Repeatedly hitting your club into the ground will change its properties over time. That’s why it’s necessary to get your loft checked at least once a year. Your local golf shop can check and make adjustments for you in a few minutes. 

  • Already WORN OUT golf club

You can’t get your playing partners to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ if you find it hard to get your ball close to the hole (even if you gave your A++ effort). Maybe the reason why you can’t hit pins is that you have worn-out clubs. Old clubs often have bigger problems than loft and lie.

  • CHANGES in distance and accuracy

If the loft and lie angle of your club is off, you will likely compensate. Golf is already a difficult game, with issues on these variables, things are even more challenging. You will see improvement in your game when a professional club fitter will get to check and match your clubs to your swings.  

  • Clubs need REGULAR CHECKUP

Not all clubs’ loft and lie angles are created equal for every brand. By getting yours checked once or twice a year, you can make sure that these aren’t the problems why you’re having consecutive bad days on the greens. 

Small changes are still changes. Visit Tour Quality Golf, and get your clubs checked – often like you get your favorite care checked! We’re here to help you play your best games with the best equipment. Call us TODAY! 

The Must-Have Custom Golf Shafts From A Golf Shop Near Me In Tulsa

Don’t be too hard on yourself– If you’re not hitting consistently, it may help to look at your gear. The culprit could be your golf club’s shaft. Many factors like torque, length, and weight affect club performance, especially when you compare the performance of a custom fitted shaft to a random stock shaft. With a custom shaft, you get a better swing, with longer, straighter shots. Imagine how that could level up your game!

Shaft Consideration

Before jumping into a purchase, take a little time to think about your set’s current performance. It won’t make any sense to change out a set that is working just fine! Instead of jumping on a new-club bandwagon, consider where your current shafts are most likely not doing well. Are there trajectory, ball flight, and impact issues? If you know where you need improvement, you know what to look for in your new custom shaft! 

Golf Shop Tulsa: Custom Shafts In Contrast 

What do I need to know to make sure I’m getting the best shaft for my game play?

  • Stock Shafts

Stock shafts come pre-installed on a driver you buy at any store. While shaft quality has climbed steadily over the years, having the most appropriate shaft for your very own swing is what will shave points. Stock shafts are not custom-made for each golfer’s unique swing style. Instead, stock shafts aim at the most common, average traits of golfers and try to work the same way for everybody. 

  • Custom Golf Shafts

Custom golf shafts are those shafts that replace the pre-installed shaft you bought with your golf club. It’s an upgrade.
Custom golf shafts can be expensive because they are built with state-of-the-art technology and materials, but with a good fitting they almost always improve your game by helping you hit more consistently. 

  • Investment worthy

Golfers that most benefit from custom golf shafts are those with medium to high swing speed and those players who are more likely to be aggressive in transitions from their top backswing to the beginning of their downswing. A custom golf shaft is also advisable if you feel your club bending in the air during your swing.  

  • Advanced custom fitting

Club fitters are sophisticated. They will have access to a launching system or monitoring screen, where an electronic device is used to analyze all the aspects of your swing to see if you’re a good candidate for a custom fitting.  

Are you longing for that perfect swing? When you search for a “golf shop near me,” you’re guaranteed to find Tour Quality Golf’s excellent products and services. Improve your golf game with us here in the best golf shop in Tulsa! Take a look at the list of our custom golf shafts or call us at (918) 221-7096 for more info. 

Pro Tip: How to Hit Solid Wedge Shots and Start Shooting Lower Scores

Getting your golf ball closest to the hole from inside 100 yards like Dustin Johnson IS POSSIBLE. 

Okay, so how? You might ask. 

Take your wedge-game practice seriously, that’s the key. While you probably can’t hit a 330-yard drive like these great players, you can hit solid wedge shots like them from time to time. While you focus on improving your drives and power shots, dedicate time to improve your wedge play. A good short game makes off-days pretty great – what’s better than going home content after knocking a few strokes off of your score with your wedges, right? 

In a nutshell, golf wedges are your allies on chips, pitches, full and lob shots, and also when you’re trying to escape bunkers. They help create birdies and even save you pars. The problem is, golfers often overlook that short game accounts for more than 50% of their shots in a golf round. Some are not hitting their approach shots well, ignoring unseen opportunities of achieving good numbers on their scorecards.  And then there are some who don’t give their wedges the attention they deserve. You can see the same types of wedges in their bags or a set that does not fit their respective swings.

 It’s a good thing wedge play can be improved just like any aspect of a golf game. Usually, focusing on improving your wedge shots starts with fixing or upgrading your equipment. If you’re up for new sticks to change your game in Tulsa OR, at least, getting your current favorite tuned up, the right help is around. You can begin searching “golf shop near me”, or just drive to Tour Quality Golf and start playing your wedge play like a pro! 

Don’t Abandon Your Short Game

How’s your game? It sounds like a hard truth, but most golfers, no matter how much time they spend with their drivers, will hit impressive shots like Tiger Woods with regularity. But you can always shift philosophy. Any golfer can win at the short game with the right club and practice! 

Once you understand what your short game is missing, it’s easy to make huge strides in your play. Working on your pitch shots may not be as thrilling as driving shots off the tee, but you’re going to see dramatic improvement if you also focus on your short game.  

Head to your favorite golf shop in Tulsa and dial in your wedges! 

5 Ways to Hit Incredible Wedge Shots 

Contrary to popular belief, tour professionals aren’t the only ones capable of delivering pure wedge shots. You can too!  

Here are five ways to work on your wedge shots: 

  • Find the right set up

The right stance, grip, weight, etc., are essential for excellent, controlled release and a perfect wedge shot. If you don’t want to hit your wedge shots higher than necessary, set up a narrow stance and then lower your shot’s trajectory. This will help you stay in control and deliver solid contact for predictable spin and ball flight. 

  • Optimize your ball position

To achieve accuracy on your wedge shots, always make sure that your golf ball is evenly between your feet. This center ball alignment will help you get more backspin. This position also allows a balanced swing where your weight doesn’t shift to one direction or another. 

  • Focus on shaping your swing motion

Learn from American golf instructor Butch Harmon who said, “Do not baby your wedge shots”.  To achieve natural swings, let your club and body flow back and through. You can also see good results by keeping a shorter backswing and maintaining your speed all the way to finish. 

  • Practice from different lies

Most of your wedge shots will occur in a bunker or from a rough, so it’s essential that you get the hang of each situation. Practice bunker shots. Practice shooting from the rough. These will test your club’s feel and performance in different lies. 

  • Choose the right wedges

The right wedges can save you shots. With proper loft and bounce combinations, the game starts to feel less complicated. Custom wedge fitters will help ensure everything is dialed in for your swing. 

Remember that everything that occurs inside the 100 yards has a massive impact on the final numbers you for that day. Start improving your wedge play by getting the right help and the right equipment. Tune up your wedges or shop for new ones today, here at Tulsa’s trusted golf store, Tour Quality Golf.  

Get Outstanding Putter Refinishing Services in Tulsa with Tour Quality Golf

REMEMBER: Your scorecard acknowledges not only your longest drives but also how good you are in your short game. With 36 putts in a par round of 72, putting is half of every golfer’s life. It could be hard to recover from a bad putt. So, if you are eager to drop your scores, master the green. To make that happen, of course, you need at least one decent, reliable putter. If yours is feeling a little worse for wear, it’s time to do something about it. Purchasing a new one should be your last resort.  If your putter is an oldie but a goody, maybe it’s time to get it restored. 

Putter refinishing services can transform a garage-sale-looking club into a spotless restored one you’ll want to show off. Tour Quality Golf is just one of numerous golf shops in Tulsa you can trust to this endeavor. Often even clubs that seem beyond repair can be restored. How would you like that?

What Is The Importance of A Solid Short Game? 

A short game may not be as thrilling as hitting good drives, but it plays a huge role in how your game turns out. With Tour players dedicating at least two-thirds of their total practice time to developing their putting skills, it’s one aspect of the game you won’t dare overlook. Professional golfer Jordan Spieth, who won major championships in 2015 mainly with excellent putting skills, is just a great example. Golf is about reducing strokes to score better. If you become a better putter, you can save 2-3 strokes on your round. How do you do that with driving? Generally, you don’t. 

No other club in your bag is as crucial as your putter. Think about how many insignificant putts you have made or missed that could make up for other mistakes in the round. In short, being a better putter will help free your mind on longer shots. Knowing you can make the putt from 30′ can give you a massive opportunity since it makes a big 60’ ring you’re effective inside of.

5 Ways A Putter Refinishing Service Can Elevate Your Short Game

Just like any other golf club, the putter naturally wears and ages over time. Who wants to use an old, gross club?  

Before you give up on that good old putter, consider these benefits to sending them to a putter refinishing service: 

  • It revives the putter’s brand-new appearance

You can trust a refinishing service to touch up those nicks, dings, and scratches with a good finish material of your choice. To get them looking like they just came out of the factory, some putters undergo finishing processes like ARC evaporation and sputtering. 

  • It enhances the putter’s performance

Aside from improving the look, a complete refresh can also help the putter’s playability. Most golf shops offer tune-ups along with refinishing, so while you look good on green you can start dropping strokes, too. The combination of a refinish and a tune-up can help you do that. 

  • It extends the shelf life of the putter

Refinishing could extend the life of your old putter while you save for a new one. Especially if you know how to care for it on and off the course correctly, you can use it for even more years to come.  

  • It gives confidence to golfers

Confidence on the course counts. A good-looking club gives your confidence a little boost, and a little boost can be the difference between a solid day and a rough one. You know it.  

  • It offers customization

What’s even better with a refinishing service is that you can choose from various refinishing color customization choices. Most club refinishing companies permit golfers to add personal touches to make the putter, even more one of a kind. 

 Golfers in Tulsa trust Tour Quality Golf when it comes to getting an old favorite into top shape. They know that we are experts in putter refinishing and employ the best technology to get the most life out of their clubs. So, if you are not ready to part with your reliable putter, let us fix it up for you. Visit our site, and get your putter refinished before your next tee time! 

Give a Special Touch to Your Greenside Etiquette with Custom Ball Markers from Tour Quality Golf

Ball markers are small tokens that play a big role. Even if it’s just a coin or a poker chip, it can make a huge difference between earning a good brand or a penalty. John Rahm can tell you after taking a one-shot penalty in the FedEx Cup Playoffs last year– a mistake that would have cost him over $600k if he’d lost by that single stroke. If there’s a take away from that story, it’s to pay attention to your golf ball marker!

In a nutshell, ball markers help identify the specific place where you lifted your golf ball on the putting greens. You want a good one, and most people like to have one that’s easy to identify as their own.

If you’re around the Tulsa area, you can pick up a custom ball marker at Tour Quality Golf, a trusted local club fitter and dealer. 

What Should and Shouldn’t be Used as a Golf Custom Ball Markers? 

Here’s a situation: it’s a good Tuesday morning for golf, so you set off to meet your friends at Forest Ridge. Everything is going well until it’s time to put. You realize you forgot your golf ball marker, and now you’re thinking of the best substitute. Twig? No good– out of reg. According to the U.S. Golf Association, a marker has to conform to certain dimensions and must be “artificial”. So, what really is allowed and what isn’t?

Besides the rules, there are other specifications: If a marker is too small, it might be lost, and if it’s too big, it might get in the way of other players. Thus, only small, round, flat objects such as coins or the usual magnetic ball-markers used by professional golfers are allowed. But of course, you can still add a personal touch to your marker as long as it follows the rules. 

You need one, and it needs to say “you”, so why not get one customized?

4 Advantages of Getting Your Ball Markers Customize

Some say your golf ball marker is an extension of your personality. So, how would you want others to see you? 

Here are four surefire ways a customized ball marker can add flair to your games:

Solid Identification

Markers allow you to move your own ball and put it back in the right place so that your ball isn’t in someone else’s way. Customized ones let you and your opponents know immediately where your golf ball goes. Imagine the arguments that would break out without markers!

Fresh Brand Promotion

Golf and business go together. If you want to market yourself like a pro, start with a personalized ball marker. You can use your company’s logo, ID your charity, or simply rep the team you love. Other golfers might include details of special events on golf ball markers and give them as gifts to promote their businesses. 

Great Putting Aid

Customized markers have better alignment patterns proven to help you make more putts. Some come with a marker stencil that provides more accuracy on the green by letting you see your putts’ break and allowing you to prepare for success.


What makes customized ball markers better is the fact that they are customize. They can be made to your specifications from materials that suit you. And they can add a little fun.

Are you ready to leave the best mark on the putting green? Say goodbye to coins and chips with customized ball markers from Tour Quality Golf. Contact us today or visit our site to get a custom marker before your next game!

Make Exceptional Putts with Premium Tulsa Putter Face Milling Services

A bad putter fit will leave a mark on your game. One solution that doesn’t get enough press is putter face milling services? And, there is a golf shop right here in Tulsa with top-grade, customized milled putters. 

Do you already have a milled putter face? If you’re starting to see dents and other wearing, it may be time to get them re-millled. This quick touch-up can save you a fortune in the long run. Not to mention that a refinished, dependable putters always gives its user the upper-hand in terms of performance on the greens.  Tulsa’s Tour Quality Golf offers premium putter face milling services at a great price, and considering how much you’ll pay for milling at some establishments, that’s not a small consideration.  

5 Advantages of Having a Milled Putter Face

Improve your putting in no time with the right putters milling service. Here are five good reasons why it is a good game investment: 

  • Enhanced Performance

Intricately designed milled putter faces aim to intensify your best performance. Milled putters are generally praised for three reasons: uniformity, straightness, and balance. A milling upgrade can also mitigate your flaws.

  • Appealing Look

Players will always choose playability over appearance, but what if you could have both? And who can deny that looking good can give a player confidence?

  • Softer Feel at Impact

Of all the perks that come with using a milled putter, softer feel may come up the most. This is understandable since well milled putters tend to have low-frequency resonance, meaning that they don’t transmit much energy and vibration. Hence, golfers equipped with a milled putter frequently say things like like “that felt good!” 

  • Impressive Sound Difference

Well-seasoned golfers know that the sound produced by a putters is an indication of long term quality. An ideal milled putter creates a crisp, ring-like sound on contact with the ball. 

  • Higher MOI

This applies to most milled putters because the varying materials used in each affect MOI. Yet more often than not, putters that are crafted with multi-material design give extra-high MOI and forgiveness. Who doesn’t want additional forgiveness?  

Why not try a cool, efficient milled face putter from Tour Quality Golf? Visit our site to explore more refinishing options to step up your game!

How to Find a Reputable Company for Golf Club Refinishing in Tulsa?

Every golfer wants to keep their clubs pretty (and functional). It’s an investment, and nobody likes to see an investment fall apart.  

The golf legend, Tiger Woods, understands. In a Golf Digest interview, he explained the importance of a golf club’s looks beside its performance. So if your set is looking a little run down, you could be deciding between replacing and refinishing them. Both are good options, but the latter could extend your clubs’ lives without spending nearly as much. In Tulsa, there’s a trusted golf store with outstanding golf club refinishing service that would help keep your clubs working for you. 

Signs Your Golf Clubs Needs The Best Attention

Unless you left your clubs out in the rain or tee it up 24/7, your clubs won’t break down very quickly. A decade is the longest stretch you should use a driver, for example, especially if you maintain it well. Still, they wear out. 

Apart from visible dings and dents, you might also notice changes in the club’s performance. There might be a sudden change in the driving distance, angle, or ball trajectory. If your handicap is gradually increasing, then it’s probably an indication of a larger problem. In the case of irons, never ignore visibly worn or bent grooves. Considering how expensive golf clubs can be, it’s best to keep them maintained so they last you as long as possible or until you improve enough to invest in a new set. 

5 Characteristics of a Golf Refinishing Company you can Trust

More often than not, how your clubs look impacts how you play: If they look great, you also play great. Plenty of people look to get their clubs refinished when they start looking shabby. That’s when refinishing saves the day. The only question is, how do you know which golf store is worth trusting your favorites? 

Here are some characteristics of the right golf club refinishing service: 

Years of Refinishing Experience

Who knows how to refinish your clubs better than a golf shop that specializes in it? Years of experience matter! If they have been around a long time, it’s probably because people trust them and their work quality.  

Tour-level Customization

Even if you’re an average joe, a golf refinishing session can make your clubs appear as if you’re ready to compete for PGA Tour. Your off-the-rack putter can be easily transformed into a one-of-a-kind, and customization services usually don’t stop there. 

Fast Turnaround

Some shops take 5-6 weeks to turn around a refinished putter. Other services could take you less than two weeks, especially if they use the latest methods.

Quality of Work

The best golf refinishing services know how to gain the trust of even the most picky clients. Refinishing isn’t easy, but with the right people, skills, and tools, the process can be done in just a few weeks.  

For Everything About Golf Club Refinishing, Call Tour Quality Golf! 

Tour Quality Golf is dedicated to exceeding your expectations when it comes to refinishing. We serve Tulsa and the neighboring areas, from amateurs to professionals. So, whenever you feel the need to breathe life into your old favorite clubs, we are here to help. Call us or visit our site to experience golf club refinishing from the experts!

Why It Is Worth the Money to Explore Golf Club Refinishing in Tulsa

Golf clubs are an investment. Just let the numbers speak for themselves. Higher-end brand-name golf drivers could cost in excess of $1,000. Good-performing wood sets could go for around $1,500 while sleek iron sets could hit $2,000 or more. More than financially, club purchases are an investment in making your golf game better. They are made to serve you for years, which is also why it’s hard to part with them once they start wearing out. 

But using worn golf clubs could affect your game in a bad way. And as much as you want to boast about shiny, brand new ones on greens, purchasing won’t always be a smart financial move. The good news is that you don’t really have to get new clubs. Golf club refinishing makes it possible to breathe life into your 3-4-year-old set (while finally getting rid of the thought of just throwing them away). And when in Tulsa, a reputable golf store can provide the best service. 

Replace or Refinish: What to Choose? 

Letting go of an old favorite is never easy. But it’s also hard to keep up with everyone’s scores when you’re hitting a driver with dings and scratches. So you end up choosing from two options: You either go to the nearest pro shop and take advantage of today’s golf club advancements or turn to a trusted refinishing service in town. So, how does one know what is best for them and their play?

The biggest sign you should look for when considering a switch to new equipment is performance. If your iron or wedge lacks grooves because of too much wear, you shouldn’t think twice about replacing it. But if your grip is coming apart or you’re bothered with bearable cosmetic issues on your gear, there’s hope of having your clubs refinished or re-gripped. Golf club refinishing is undoubtedly a less expensive way to get your favorites back to their former glory. 

5 Ways Golfers Can Take Advantage of Golf Club Refinishing

All golfers agree that two of the most important factors on a golf course are placing a great score on a scorecard and appearing stylish after giving your friends a hard-fought, decisive game. But if you’re using a rusty, used club, you might not feel very comfortable even standing on the green. 

Here are ways you could benefit from golf club refinishing: 

Brand New Look

With refinishing, clubs go from looking like something you’d put in a garage sale to immaculately restored clubs. Usual services under refurbishment include polishing the sole, re-painting scoring lines, removing nicks and dings, and more – all to make it appear like your clubs just came from the factory floor. 

Personal Touch

If you ever looked in a tour player’s bag, it is common to see lots of paint fill and custom stamping on their equipment. Refinishing is a quick way to stand out, show your support to your favorites, or simply upgrade your club’s looks. Whether you need minor or extensive modifications, an experienced refinishing expert can ensure the best outcome when adding personal touches to your clubs. 

Exceptional Feel 

Playing with an outdated iron or a driver might cause you to lose yards or even end up with extra strokes on your scorecard. So, even if you don’t feel the need for new clubs, a tune-up could guarantee the feel and performance to keep you playing your best rounds. 

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

The longevity of your golf clubs is entirely dependent on how frequently you play and how well you care for them. A club can last for a lifetime if repairs are made and, of course, with refinishing to keep it in pristine condition. 

It Is for Anyone and Any Golf Club

Refinishing is no special service. It works for different types of golf clubs and players of different abilities. You could benefit from it not just in terms of restoring your club’s glamor, but also with the support it can give in performance. 

Golf club refinishing can be tedious for the inexperienced. Only trust the experts to do it! Tour Quality Golf prides itself on its golf refinishing services that are trusted by golfers in Tulsa. We care about customer satisfaction as much you value your old, favorite clubs. You don’t need to put them away already! Visit our site to learn more about fantastic refinishing options to bring them back to the game. 

Bring Back the Glam: Putter Refinishing in Tulsa

A putter can make or break the game. It’s the championships, in the do-or-die game, the ball is two feet away from the hole. You’re about to get your lucky putter but upon closer inspection, you notice the nicks and chaps; your beloved, lucky putter is out of shape. Of course, you wouldn’t want to rely on it anymore since its flaws could make you miss. Perhaps, this instance would prompt other golfers to go and buy a new one. But is it really necessary? You can do a putter refinishing to save your lucky putter.

If you feel reluctant to let go of your old putter, then putter refinishing is the best option. It undergoes the process of refurbishing to return it to tip-top shape. Sure, you could look up do-it-yourself videos on the web and follow the whole process, but are you willing to risk it? Don’t worry, because Tour Quality Golf offers the most reliable putter refinishing in Tulsa; we can do it for you!

Why Refinish?

One word: cost. Putter refinishing can save you hundreds of bucks instead of spending four times that when buying a new one. Also, customization is a plus. With refinishing, you can request intricate finishes, custom paint fills, or simply ask for stampings.

Undoubtedly, the motivating factor of it all is that you can keep that old-reliable putter of yours instead of scrapping it. Refinishing can bring back its beauty and make it shine better than ever.

Tips to Keep Your Putters in Tip-Top Shape

If refurbishing could save you a wad of cash, then obviously, preventing the damage to your putter will save you more. You’ve invested a lot in the equipment you use, so you’ll definitely want to extend its lifespan. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Keep Putters Dry

The greens may have some leftover dew. After a successful put, what’s essential is using a soft piece of cloth to wipe the putter, then smear a little oil on it and dry it by using a different cloth to give it a protective seal. Doing so will prevent rusting. Be sure to store it in a dry place and never ever put a wet head cover on it.

Stay Away From Abrasive Substances When Cleaning

Inevitably, your putters will come into contact with destructive substances like pesticides, rain, and even sand. That’s the reason why the use of soft cloth should be emphasized, since abrasive ones will scratch the putter more. Chemicals, like paint thinner or acetone, could destroy the paint and finish. If you find bits of sand and grass stuck in the crevices, never use brushes or anything with rough bristles to clean them out. Instead, a compressed can of air can help tremendously without the risk of scratches.

Protect Them With Head Covers

If you’re one of those golfers who find it tedious to remove covers and put them on again after shots, then most likely, your equipment wears out faster. After cleaning and drying, a way to preserve putter paints and finishes is to use head covers to protect them. It prevents damage from humidity and moisture and minimizes the accumulation of dust during prolonged storage.

Inspect Putters Regularly

It is much better to inspect putters in a routine manner rather than finding out during a game that all of them are damaged. While cleaning, look for signs of wear and tear. Inspect every angle to make sure that there are no apparent dents that could affect gameplay. If you’ve come across several indents that could potentially be a game-changer, then it’s about time you consider refinishing.

Invest in Quality Travel Golf Bags

Can’t have putters slipping out through a gaping hole in your golf bag, can we? Your golf bag doesn’t need to be all that fancy. Just stay away from the kinds that have thin outer layers and make sure to buy the ones with rain hoods. Trust me, if you’re fond of travelling for golf tournaments, you want your equipment to be safe from the rigors of travel. You could also try packing your clothes and cleaning clothes around the bag, so movement and impact of the clubs can be kept to a minimum.

If all these fail and you find yourself staring at your nicked-up, worn-out, prized putter, then you can always rely on Tour Quality Golf to provide the finest putter refinishing in Tulsa. We’ve got it all, from custom paint fills to restoration. We’ll make it gleam with your choice of premium finish! Care to find out more? Get a quote now at Call us at (918) 221-7096 or send a message to [email protected]

How to Choose the Right Custom Golf Shaft

It’s hard to choose the right golf shaft. Every year, golfers spend millions of dollars trying to find the club that’s the most natural fit only to find out they haven’t got any idea what shafts are right for them. A custom fitting can make the difference in a lot of cases. More often than not, a custom club will add 20 to 25 yards of drive and a heap of accuracy. Think of the club shaft as a golf clubs’ engine.

There are few things to remember before choosing a golf shaft. It’s fine to know what you “like,” of course, but getting an analysis of your own swing to help you determine the flex, length, composition,etc…matters a great deal to getting the right shaft into your hands.

Don’t Guess, Get Custom-Fitted!

Gone are the days when custom fittings are only offered and reserved for tour players and five-day-a-week club members. Today, any golfer can get a properly fitted set of clubs. Today’s technology puts custom fittings in reach of most budgets, and the performance benefits make it worth the extra money.  With the right shaft, consistently striking the center of the face gets a lot easier. 

There are many options when it comes to shaft fitting. Golfers should consider their shafts’ characteristics, such as weight, flex, and torque, since these elements directly impact the feel of the swing and consistency overall.

How to Purchase a Custom Golf Shaft Online?

You aren’t a golfer if you haven’t sliced, hooked, or hit the ball too high or low. Have you ever found yourself in the trees? It could be that you’re compensating for equipment that doesn’t fit your body or your swing. While a properly fitted shaft won’t magically fix your game, it can take inconsistency and strain out of your game.

1. Characteristics Matter. 

Understanding the characteristics of a shaft is essential. Note that each golf shaft contains a set of specifications that make it unique. Flex gets talked about all the time, but there are others, and they’re important. In addition to flex, overall weight, torque, and kick-point deserve consideration.

a. Flex. The ability of a golf shaft to bend is called flex. Usually, a shaft bends when force is applied during the golf swing. 

b. Weight. This refers to the weight of the shaft in grams. Find how heavy a shaft makes you feel confident as you swing. 

c. Torque. Torque is the twisting of the shaft. Higher or lower torque impacts control and can help correct tendencies or work to promote a draw or fade. 

d. Kick-point. Kick Point refers to the apex of the bend in the shaft flex during your swing. It will decide how high or low the ball will launch from the clubface. 

2. Purchase from a Reputable Company. 

Look for a shaft made by a well-established company, not a random bargain shaft. Tour Quality Golf offers cost-efficient custom golf shafts online. There is a wide range of possibilities waiting for you there.

3. Say no to “Off the Shelf” Shafts. 

Before investing money in quality golf equipment, invest enough time and patience to get custom fitted shafts.

4. Weigh your choice. 

A shaft that is too light or too heavy can make it difficult to maintain swing, tempo, rhythm, and timing. Overestimating a shaft’s weight means disregarding other shaft variables. Match the clubs’ weight with your transition and strength.

5. Graphite Over Steel. 

New players often start with steel shafts, but those who want to play their best graduate to graphite shafts sooner than later. As the gap in price narrows, it makes less and less sense to bother starting with steel. Choose the shaft that creates less vibration on impact to hit the ball straighter and farther. 

These are just a few points to consider in selecting a new shaft. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a reputable club fitter. Tour Quality Golf is a GolfWorks™ certified fitter. We make it easy to find the club that fits you and your game.

We take the time to get to know you and your game prior to fitting you with the perfect club. Join the growing number of golfers that have stopped fighting their body’s and equipment in order to get a consistent golf game. Visit our website and get custom-fitted now. You can also reach us at [email protected] or give us a call (918) 221-7096.


Why Is It Also Good to Consider Custom Golf Clubs Sold Online?

Many golfers buy off-the-rack clubs, thinking custom golf clubs are for more elite players. On the other hand, many other golfers feel like it won’t help them to get fitted because they are already capable players. The truth is, fitted clubs prevent you from having to compensate for your own tendencies. They are likely to shave points off of just about anybody’s score.

Fitters understand that golfers who hook or slice have often missed out on the importance of customized equipment. Needless to say, swinging clubs whose length, weight, lie angles, shaft flex, or grip size are unmatched to one’s body often make for poor play. It can hurt even the most talented golfers. Despite (or perhaps because of) the tons of golf clubs on the market, it is challenging to find clubs that optimize your play.  

Are Custom Golf Clubs Really Better Than Off-The-Rack?

Your equipment should be adapt to your physiology and skills and not the other way around. Golfers who use off the rack clubs take time to adapt to the club’s specifications. Instead, custom golf clubs are adjusted to your body and skills. 

Using clubs that are not fit to the golfer don’t only undermine the gameplay but can even cause injury under some circumstances. Off-the-rack golf clubs require golfers to change the way they swing. Over time, this can cause back pain and fatigue. Professional fitters are most often sought to avoid or mitigate these problems. These experts have undergone years of training to utilize high-tech equipment to analyze a player’s swing, body type, and ability. Every golfer wants to hit farther and closer to the pin. Custom made clubs allow players to focus on becoming consistent with their most natural swings. 

The 5 Main Benefits of Buying Golf Clubs Online

Nothing can beat with purchasing clubs you’ve ‘swing-ed’ and tested personally. But with hundreds of online golf stores emerging, surely, golfers are now seeing the light of getting gears through online carts better than before. Here are the main reasons why your next mouse clicks should be about buying new golf clubs online: 

  • Convenience

Of course, the main advantage of online golf club shopping is the convenience it serves to shoppers. With the current situation we’re in, where people are not allow to drive freely to golf shops, e-commerce stores offer better convenience. Just imagine sitting on your couch waiting for the new Callaway Mavrik Driver or Cobra King Speedzone hybrid to be delivered on your home. Sounds awesome, right? 

  • Comparative Shopping

With vast information available on the internet, you have the chance to do a little assignment first about the golf club before purchasing it. Researching is one of the best ways you can make sure you’re choosing the right gear. Also, you can browse from prices in the marketplace to pick which meets your preference and budget. 

  • Greater Selection

Depending on what and how many stores you head to, you would only be serve with limited options in the market. Online golf stores bring golfers extensive selections of golf clubs from different brands. Whenever there are discounts or offers, you can simply be notified online when you visit their website or when they emailed you about it. 

  • Cheaper Price 

This won’t always be the case, but some online golf stores offer fairly lower prices than those sold in-stores. Something to take note also is that you can backtrack online. See if you can purchase last years’ models at next to nothing prices. 

  • Quality and Value

The fear that the golf club could be a knock-off version might discourage you from buying online. But once you’ve find golf stores which are trusted for its craftsmanship and value they give to golfers, you would know it would be a good purchase. If you aren’t still sure,these stores also offer fittings that you can avail once you have the time and chance. 

For someone playing golf for a quite long time, you should know that choosing golf clubs is always a personal matter. Tour Quality Golf, known for providing online custom golf club products. It is here to give you a personal shopping experience done from screen to screens. You can trust us to deliver you only the best of the best! Hit the ball and reach the green with fewer strokes. Shop now! Dial (918) 221-7096 or visit

Putting 101: How to Grip Your Golf Putter like a Pro

Many golfers approach the putting green with a sense of dread. When golfers experience problems with their putting, they tend to relate it to how they grip their putters. Both professionals and amateurs can struggle to find a consistent technique that will put the ball into the hole. 

The grip connects you and the golf club. Over the years, putter grip options have evolved quite a bit. Although the traditional putting grip hasn’t been thrown out the window, many golfers today fix the flaws in their technique by changing the way they grip the putter with their hands or the actual grip itself. 

Do you know which putting grip fits your gameplay?

It is essential to learn the correct way of holding the putter. Golfers of any skill level struggle to find the right grip. The putting grip is different from player to player. A good grip will make it easier for you to control the clubface and square it through the ball at impact. Meanwhile, a bad grip can lead to excessive swinging.

For any putting grip, keep in mind that your palms should face each other to function together. When it comes to putters, there are different styles and methods to send the ball home. While there is no “best” putting grip, always consider what feels natural and comfortable to you. 

5 Putting Grip Styles to Try When You’re Struggling

If you are an amateur golfer, you may wonder if the different putting grip styles can change your game. The answer is, it depends on your comfort level and situation. Each putting grip technique has pros and cons, and there is no one right style for every golfer or shot. If you want to shed strokes, learn about the different forms for holding your putter. But remember: the following may or may not fit your gameplay: 

Overlap Putting Grip

If you have large or steady hands, the overlap putting grip is likely to work for you. The overlap is a standard grip that both amateur and Tour professionals use for putting. To do this, place your RIGHT pinky finger on top of the crease between your LEFT middle and index fingers. This technique will work best for golfers with strong or large hands since they usually overlap. 

Reverse Overlap Grip

You can see the reverse overlap on the PGA Tour. In this putting, your right-hand (for right-handed players) grips the club. The forefinger of your left hand should overlap three of the right-hand fingers. Make sure that your left thumb is resting flat on top of the putter grip as it keeps the putter face square at impact. This putting grip method can assist you in maintaining a constant feel from full shots to putts. But if you have problems managing your grip pressure, then this grip is not for you. 

Left Hand Low/Cross-Handed Grip

If you are not comfortable with the reverse overlap, you might opt for a low left-hand grip. As the name suggests, flip your hands so that your left hand is lower than your right hand. While this grip can take your hands out of the stroke, you will need to spend real time on the practice green to get used to the feel. The cross-handed grip will work well for golfers whose hands (left OR right) are too active during the stroke.

Claw/Pencil Putting Grip

Like most putting grips, the claw putting grip aims to eliminate extra movement in the hands and wrists. Grip the putter as usual with your left hand (right for lefties), then cock your right hand (left for lefties) to the side with the palm facing towards your body. When grabbing the grip, imagine that you are holding a pencil. If you want to make more consistent strokes, this putting grip will keep your right hand from overpowering the putter face. 

Arm Lock

This putting grip is a handy grip to learn. For right-handed golfers, the putter handle should lock against the inside of their left forearm. But if you are a leftie, it is your right inner forearm that should lock against the handle. The arm-lock putting grip requires a putter with a minimum of six degrees loft and a length that will let the handle rest flat against the inside of the left forearm. Each grip has its pros and cons. If the drawbacks of your selected putter grip are overwhelming, switch to another. There is no one right way when it comes to putting grip styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different grips. If it feels comfortable and produces your desired stroke, go for it.

For a more enjoyable game with your golf friends, choose the right grip for your gameplay from Tour Quality Golf!

How To Spot a Competent Company For Club Repair, Bixby

The more companies offering club repair, Bixby, the harder it becomes for some customers to pick the most qualified in town. That is true most especially if one does not have sufficient knowledge about quality club repair, not to mention the countless deceiving ads they stumble upon in their search.

In this post, we are sharing some useful insights on how to spot a competent golf club repair company.

When scrutinizing the service portfolio, here are some that one should look into:

  • How comprehensive is there list of services – A club repair company that offers other golf services signifies the level of expertise that company possesses.
  • The number of brands they carry – This provides an idea about the level of trust a club repair service provider is getting from these companies as their brand ambassador; much more when the brands they carry include the most popular ones.
  • Good reviews – What other customers are saying about their service speaks a lot about the company’s performance as a provider of club repair, Bixby, so be critical about other customers’ feedback
  • How prompt is the customer support – A lot of club repair companies do not put so much weight about their client support team (as they should). Be mindful about how they respond to queries as they can make a big difference when help is needed in the future.
  • License and permits – A company that secures the necessary license and/or permit to operate means that they are serious about their business and this validates their being a legitimate service provider.
  • No hidden charges – Integrity should be in the bloodline of those who are into club repair business and that entails giving customers transparent billing, which means no hidden charges; everything should be detailed in the quotations.

There are quite a number of golf club repair companies around but choosing a reputable one can make a big difference. So, make sure you are diligent enough to find that one that is the most qualified in town.

Looking for a top-notch company that offers club repair, Bixby? Contact Tour Quality Golf today at (918) 221-7096.

Tour Quality Golf: Shop from the Best Golf Shop in Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma is a place where the weather is nice, and golf-enthusiasts can play all year round. Back in the 70s, Tulsa, the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma had kick-started the great boom in the golf industry by hosting the U.S Open which attracted big names and elite champions. Since then, the city became known as an excellent destination for golf legends and amateurs alike. In the 1980’s, the demand became so high that even the National Golf Foundation had stated that if the people of Tulsa build a golf course every day, they still cannot keep up with the demand. As the years went by and the need for golf shifts and routes continues to rise, the businesses related to this industry had also made ways to be able to adapt to the ever-growing demand. Today, Tulsa is home to some of the best golf shops in the world and among this is the Tour Quality Golf.

Why Do You Need to Visit the Best Golf Shop in Tulsa?

Today, many people see golf as a fun and interactive sports that doesn’t require much practice or preparations. For those novice players who intend to take golf as a simple hobby, paying attention to the products purchased is not given that much importance. However, once you start playing, you would soon find out that this sport requires a lot of calculation and precision. You would quickly realize that you would need much practice to make everything perfect. Of course, the thought of finding the right golf equipment that can help you achieve the best game would soon follow.

While it’s true that having the best golf clubs and equipment does not guarantee that you will be the best golf player in the world, indeed it can help you enhance your game and your performance.

Why Choose Tour Quality Golf?

Headquartered in Tulsa, Tour Quality Golf is one of the leading golf shops in the city as well as in the neighboring areas such as Bixby, Jenks, Muskogee, and Owasso. Aside from providing high-quality and authentic golf clubs and shafts at considerable prices, Tour Quality Golf offers an array of services that aim to help amateurs and professionals alike. From golf club repair, golf club fitting, and golf club trade-in, we take a very systematic approach that matches every individual’s requirements.

Tour Quality Golf is just a 15-minute drive from downtown Tulsa. Whenever you feel the need to fine-tune your golf club to fit your personal requirements best, you can visit our golf club fitting studio and golf club repair shop in the heart of Broken Arrow. Our primary goal is to help you achieve a great golfing experience anytime and anywhere you are!

How To Spot a Competent Company Offering Club Fitting, Bixby

The more companies offering club fitting, Bixby, the more it becomes challenging for some clients to pick the most qualified in town. That is most especially true if one does not have enough knowledge about quality club fitting, not to mention the countless deceiving ads popping out everywhere.

In this post, we are sharing some useful insights on how to spot a competent company for club fitting works.

When scrutinizing the service portfolio, here are some that one should look into:

  • How comprehensive is there list of services – In addition to club fitting, a company that offers other golf services signifies the level of expertise the company has.
  • The number of brands they carry – This provides an idea on how many companies trust a particular club fitting service provider to be their brand ambassador.
  • Good reviews – What other customers are saying about their service speaks a lot about the company’s performance as a provider of club fitting, Bixby. So be wary about other customers’ feedback.
  • How prompt is the customer support – A lot of companies do not put so much weight about their client support team as they should. Be mindful about how they respond to queries as that can make a difference when one needs help in the future.
  • License and permits – A company that secures a license and/or permit to operate means that they are serious about their business and this validates their legitimacy as a service provider.

When asking the company (and / or their customers) about the fitting process, the following should be noted:

  • The service provider asks to swing the current club first – This process is important as this provides a benchmark to make the fitting to successfully deliver the best custom-fit result.
  • They provide a wide range of grip selections – The more options they have, the better are the chances that customers get the best fit, which contributes a lot in optimizing the performance.
  • The fitting session should take a considerable time – If the club fitter does the job in less than 30 minutes, then customers have a valid reason to be skeptic about the quality of their work as this job requires a considerable time to deliver the fitting service that every good-paying customer deserves.
  • Should not recommend what is in stock and on sale – Customers are going for a club fitting service because of the need for custom-fit golf clubs; if they recommend what is in stock or on sale, it defeats the purpose of club fitting.

Looking for a top-notch company that offers club fitting, Bixby? Contact Tour Quality Golf today at (918) 221-7096.

Criteria for Choosing a Shop for Club Repair, Jenks

With a number of shops you can find around that offer club repair, Jenks, it can be a challenge to choose from the available options. As a customer who wants to get the best deals in town, you would want to ensure that you are getting the value of your money. Meaning to say, you get the best results at reasonable prices. Which one should you choose? What should be your selection criteria?

While your need might be unique, the following should be included in your set of criteria in choosing a company for club repair, Jenks. These can help you choose the right fit for the service you need:

The brands they carry. The number of brands, including the popular ones, is a good measure that the club repair shop enjoys a high level of trust in the industry. It is an indicator of good reputation as a service provider. In addition, with more brands they carry, the chances that they are able to cater to your repair need for a particular brand are high.

The length of time in business. The length of time in business is another good indicator of good industry reputation. When a golf club repair company has been in business of quite some time, it means that it has weathered the ups and downs of the market. In other words, their service processes have been refined through time.

The shop location. The easy access to a club repair service provider should also be part of the criteria. When you choose one that is nearest to your location, you get the service faster, it saves time, and it can be more economical. So, check out prospects that are nearest to you and include them in your list of prospects.

Good reviews. With the advancement in internet technologies, it is more and more easy to find reviews about club repair shops online. Check out your prospects if they have good reviews. If their good reviews far outweigh the negative ones, then it can be said that they are a good candidate that is worth-considering.

The pricing. When it comes to pricing, one good way to find out if you are getting the best deal is to check the industry average price for the club repair service. There are a number of listings/ price comparison sites you can find online that provide comprehensive ideas on what should the price of the repair service be in your location. Here’s a rule of thumb: If your prospects charge you way higher than the industry average, cross them out of your list and move on to find a new candidate.

The tools/equipment. Of course the best repair results are aided with sophisticated/advanced tools. If your prospects have the best tools available for repair, expect that the results are of top-notch quality as well. So ask your prospect what sort of equipment/tools they use for the repair.

For top-notch quality club repair, Jenks, contact Tour Quality Golf today at (918) 221-7096