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Things you Should Know About Sheridan Club Membership

Tour Quality Golf’s Sheridan Club Membership offers the best golf experience in Oklahoma. Traditional golf has some traditional challenges: specifically the planning or schedules that can consume an entire day! Time is gold; that time can be spent with family and friends. Weather is a factor, too.

You won’t have to worry about the weather in our top-of-the-line indoor facility. A Sheridan Golf Member has unrestricted access. You can book your time, grab your clubs, and play a few holes whenever it suits your schedule. Your country club can’t offer that!

Practice your swing or play with your family and friends during the unfair weather during even the cruelest weather!

Here are some perks of being a Sheridan Club Member with Tour Quality Golf:

  • Indoor Golf

Our Trackman 4-powered indoor golf facility features innovative technology that allows you to experience the best that indoor golf can offer. With more than 100 virtual golf courses to choose from, you won’t get tired of playing! You can play in Hidden Canyon this weekend and St. Andrews the next time you play.

At our indoor golf facility, “Winter Break” is a thing of the past.

  • Tournaments

Tournaments are held in our facility year-round, and we offer some serious prizes from pro shop gift cards to our FedEx-style cup.

Tournaments and competitions are a great way for you to connect and meet many new  fellow golfers. You can widen your network weather you’re a beginner looking to get more serious with the sport or an old hat meeting new competitors.

  • Club Fittings

Tour Quality Golf has the largest selection of custom and aftermarket golf equipment in Oklahoma. Our shop updates from time to time so you can update your arsenal, since we offer club fittings for Sheridan Club Members to help you play your best in the field.

  • Club Repair 

Full-service club repair is also a perk for Sheridan Club Members. We’re the only fully certified GolfWorks repair facility in the Tulsa. Our master club builder has more than 2 decades of experience! From things as simple as grip replacement to a full custom build, we get it right the first time.

  • Instructors 

Our PGA-certified instructors are available year-round to help you hone your skills. They will help you accelerate your progress and elevate your swing confidence, whether you’re a beginner or PGA tour major champion!

Here are the four types of membership we offer at the Sheridan Club:

Silver Membership

Members with Silver membership will receive 4 hours of play or practice and 1 free guess every month during our shop’s working hours. The bundle includes a bag tag, member number, and a 50% discount on golf instruction. The best part is a 25% discount on tournament entries!

Gold Membership

All of the perks of silver membership are available to you as a gold member. With 7 hours of play or practice in total, plus limited 24-hour access each month, you’ll get two free visitor passes and one hour of golf instruction. You can also get a 20% discount on golf maintenance, a 50% discount on extra bay rentals and visitor fees, and a 50% discount on tournament entries.

Diamond Membership

Diamond members can enjoy all the features a gold member has, plus unrestricted 24-hour access and a 10% discount on all merchandise. Two free guest passes will be added, giving you four. You’ll also get 2 hours of golf instruction, a 50% discount on golf repair and fitting work, and a 75% discount on tournament entry along with priority reservations.

Family Membership

The Family Membership package has the benefits of a diamond member available to all the members of your household, including children under the age of 18!

We work hard to provide an environment where you can interact and engage with fellow golf-minded people from other areas. We aim to provide you with a place where you can be comfortable and secure, all while enjoying our beloved sport!

Ready to be a member? Become a Sheridan Club member now!