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Chosen Technology by Professionals, TrackMan 4

TrackMan 4 was created in 2003 by Klaus and Morten Eldrup-Jorgensen and Frederic Tuxen. After developing the system, they demonstrated it in the United States to five golf manufacturers who then became their first customers.

The TrackMan company started small with just 20 employees. They started appearing on the PGA Tour in 2006 but it still took a few more years to catch on. In 2010, there were still around 20-30 Tour players using them. Nowadays, TrackMan products are sold worldwide to professionals, amateurs, and businesses.

Tour Quality Golf is one of the businesses that utilize Trackman 4 in their indoor golf. TrackMan records your shots instantly, provides shot analysis for you, and shows information in real-time. It uses dual-radar technology to consistently and accurately capture 27 ball and club data points. These range from the simplest stats such as carry yardage and club-to-head speed to more technical data such as smash factors and dynamic loft.

With TrackMan 4, you can watch a 3D view of your ball in flight and have your swing mapped out as TrackMan can track with accuracy and precision, full trajectory shots from simple chips or pitch shots to 400-yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with precise accuracy of less than a foot (12 inches or 35 cm) variation.

You can also easily select and compare your swing with recorded videos of professional players. With all this data in arm’s reach, you can develop a feel of what your body is doing during your swing and make adjustments to allow you to experience the improved motion.

Golf is Evolving

Like any other sport, Golf is evolving too. The days when professional players stand on the range, hitting golf balls until the sun sets are gone. While the driving range is only best when the weather is fair, you can practice anytime with the TrackMan. You can practice all year round. The controlled environment also lets you focus on the practice session instead of being distracted by the weather.

The introduction and infusion of science and technology are major keys to the transformation and evolution of Golf. Where traditional golf introduction was more intuitive, endless nonsense practices without technique, mapping swing DNA is now possible, and comparing swing feel vs. real feel. The technology truly empowers us by providing data over time to monitor swing changes as they evolve and develop.

These are only a few examples of how science and technology can effectively unleash human potential. The TrackMan is at the leading edge of technology, proving and disproving what we thought we knew about golf swings and how to play different shots. It led us to a complete reevaluation of the swing and the body movements needed to make us more efficient and effective.

Analysis of TrackMan 4

Whether you are a recreational player or a competitive amateur player, TrackMan has all the means to help you improve, offering a ball and club tracking radar system to track spin rate, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, attack angle and many other minimal data which is necessary to your swing.

Trackman also has its Trackman Combine; where, you can test your ability to hit various distances while measuring accuracy.

The TrackMan Combine helps push you to achieve more as you try to beat your best score. If you’re confident enough, some of the best players worldwide use TrackMan and post their scores online; you may post yours and compete against professionals!

The TrackMan 4 is a powerful tool that helps you train. With over 100 virtual courses to choose from, you’ll never run out of options.

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