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Keep Your Game Sharp in any Weather With Tour Quality Golf’s Indoor Golf Simulator

Weather in Tulsa swings between very hot summers and cold winters. As temperature drops, so does excitement to get out on the course. Winter golf is challenging, especially for recreational golfers who may not be used to frost-covered golf balls and soggy lies. For more keen golfers, it is just another challenge to overcome. Fortunately, technology such as golf simulators makes it possible for either golfer to practice in comfort. 

An indoor golf simulator provides a perfect avenue to play a full 18 holes while at home, the office, or the nearest golf shop. It allows a lifelike game experience that helps golfers stay sharp, working on their drives or putts without the inconveniences of weather. Instead of making your clubs wait out the winter in a your garage, head over to your favorite golf store in Tulsa and give their indoor golf simulator a try today! 

How do Indoor Golf Simulators Work? 

If you’re eager to dial in your game year round, neither the searing summer nor the harsh winter should stop you. Indoor golf simulators are becoming popular, which is not surprising given the support and benefits they can bring to your game. There are a lot of options out there on a whole spectrum of features, capabilities, and prices.

Golf simulators, especially those you can find at some pro shops, use advanced technology to track your ball flight accurately and analyze your swings – all to make you a better player, just as practicing in the real-life course. The golfer will normally tee up on a platform in front of a 3D screen. When the ball hits the projector screen, a computer determine your shot data such as face angle, clubhead speed, loft, direction, etc. With this information, the tracking system can determine where the ball will land. 

Golf simulators allow an immersive, “gamified” environment to enjoy with friends or your whole family. 

5 Benefits of Indoor Golf Simulator

A golf simulator allows you to play your favorite sport when it’s cold without the need to compensate for umpteen layers of clothes. 

While a swing pad can’t beat the feeling of standing real grass, there are real reasons that indoor simulators are a game-changer for golfers: 

  • Flexibility and Convenience

Indoor golf simulators make any tee time possible, whatever the weather conditions outside. You can even play at virtualized dream golf courses like St. Andrews, PGA National, Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, and more! The oversized screen will give you a feeling about as close as being on greens and bunkers as you can  get without a plane ticket. 

  • Entertainment

Modern-day golf simulators are designed to make practice sessions entertaining. Camaraderie, competition, and even side bets, all things many golfers love about the sport, are still possible with simulators. Through the use of computer software, you can work on any aspect of your game without it feeling like “work.” 

  • Instant Precision Feedback 

In golf, feedback is important. Simulators identify distance and even the conditions that create hooks and slices you can correct. Skytrak, common on golf simulators, provides real-time ball flight data and 3D shot analysis. These golf launch monitors keep track of your data and allow you to see what you might otherwise miss. 

  • Game Improvement

With indoor golf simulators, you can practice your swing over and over again without peer pressure or environmental hurdles (or having to look for your ball on a bad lie). It will record your grip, ball contact, body position, and swing tendencies. When paired with proper golf instruction, simulators are a fun, effective way to work on perfecting your shots. 

  • Gear Enhancement

While practicing your swing, you can even use the data you have gathered over time to determine whether you own the right clubs for your swing and style of play. Clubfitters will get feedback from your sim and can then offer you a chance to test appropriate clubs. Whether you need length adjustment or complete replacement, indoor golf simulators can be a huge help. 

Instead of counting the days to spring, why not head over to your trusted golf shop in Tulsa, Tour Quality Golf, and play on our Skytack indoor golf simulator? We will help you get through this winter! Stay limber and book a “tee time” today!