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Get Outstanding Putter Refinishing Services in Tulsa with Tour Quality Golf

REMEMBER: Your scorecard acknowledges not only your longest drives but also how good you are in your short game. With 36 putts in a par round of 72, putting is half of every golfer’s life. It could be hard to recover from a bad putt. So, if you are eager to drop your scores, master the green. To make that happen, of course, you need at least one decent, reliable putter. If yours is feeling a little worse for wear, it’s time to do something about it. Purchasing a new one should be your last resort.  If your putter is an oldie but a goody, maybe it’s time to get it restored. 

Putter refinishing services can transform a garage-sale-looking club into a spotless restored one you’ll want to show off. Tour Quality Golf is just one of numerous golf shops in Tulsa you can trust to this endeavor. Often even clubs that seem beyond repair can be restored. How would you like that?

What Is The Importance of A Solid Short Game? 

A short game may not be as thrilling as hitting good drives, but it plays a huge role in how your game turns out. With Tour players dedicating at least two-thirds of their total practice time to developing their putting skills, it’s one aspect of the game you won’t dare overlook. Professional golfer Jordan Spieth, who won major championships in 2015 mainly with excellent putting skills, is just a great example. Golf is about reducing strokes to score better. If you become a better putter, you can save 2-3 strokes on your round. How do you do that with driving? Generally, you don’t. 

No other club in your bag is as crucial as your putter. Think about how many insignificant putts you have made or missed that could make up for other mistakes in the round. In short, being a better putter will help free your mind on longer shots. Knowing you can make the putt from 30′ can give you a massive opportunity since it makes a big 60’ ring you’re effective inside of.

5 Ways A Putter Refinishing Service Can Elevate Your Short Game

Just like any other golf club, the putter naturally wears and ages over time. Who wants to use an old, gross club?  

Before you give up on that good old putter, consider these benefits to sending them to a putter refinishing service: 

  • It revives the putter’s brand-new appearance

You can trust a refinishing service to touch up those nicks, dings, and scratches with a good finish material of your choice. To get them looking like they just came out of the factory, some putters undergo finishing processes like ARC evaporation and sputtering. 

  • It enhances the putter’s performance

Aside from improving the look, a complete refresh can also help the putter’s playability. Most golf shops offer tune-ups along with refinishing, so while you look good on green you can start dropping strokes, too. The combination of a refinish and a tune-up can help you do that. 

  • It extends the shelf life of the putter

Refinishing could extend the life of your old putter while you save for a new one. Especially if you know how to care for it on and off the course correctly, you can use it for even more years to come.  

  • It gives confidence to golfers

Confidence on the course counts. A good-looking club gives your confidence a little boost, and a little boost can be the difference between a solid day and a rough one. You know it.  

  • It offers customization

What’s even better with a refinishing service is that you can choose from various refinishing color customization choices. Most club refinishing companies permit golfers to add personal touches to make the putter, even more one of a kind. 

 Golfers in Tulsa trust Tour Quality Golf when it comes to getting an old favorite into top shape. They know that we are experts in putter refinishing and employ the best technology to get the most life out of their clubs. So, if you are not ready to part with your reliable putter, let us fix it up for you. Visit our site, and get your putter refinished before your next tee time!