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Make Exceptional Putts with Premium Tulsa Putter Face Milling Services

A bad putter fit will leave a mark on your game. One solution that doesn’t get enough press is putter face milling services? And, there is a golf shop right here in Tulsa with top-grade, customized milled putters. 

Do you already have a milled putter face? If you’re starting to see dents and other wearing, it may be time to get them re-millled. This quick touch-up can save you a fortune in the long run. Not to mention that a refinished, dependable putters always gives its user the upper-hand in terms of performance on the greens.  Tulsa’s Tour Quality Golf offers premium putter face milling services at a great price, and considering how much you’ll pay for milling at some establishments, that’s not a small consideration.  

5 Advantages of Having a Milled Putter Face

Improve your putting in no time with the right putters milling service. Here are five good reasons why it is a good game investment: 

  • Enhanced Performance

Intricately designed milled putter faces aim to intensify your best performance. Milled putters are generally praised for three reasons: uniformity, straightness, and balance. A milling upgrade can also mitigate your flaws.

  • Appealing Look

Players will always choose playability over appearance, but what if you could have both? And who can deny that looking good can give a player confidence?

  • Softer Feel at Impact

Of all the perks that come with using a milled putter, softer feel may come up the most. This is understandable since well milled putters tend to have low-frequency resonance, meaning that they don’t transmit much energy and vibration. Hence, golfers equipped with a milled putter frequently say things like like “that felt good!” 

  • Impressive Sound Difference

Well-seasoned golfers know that the sound produced by a putters is an indication of long term quality. An ideal milled putter creates a crisp, ring-like sound on contact with the ball. 

  • Higher MOI

This applies to most milled putters because the varying materials used in each affect MOI. Yet more often than not, putters that are crafted with multi-material design give extra-high MOI and forgiveness. Who doesn’t want additional forgiveness?  

Why not try a cool, efficient milled face putter from Tour Quality Golf? Visit our site to explore more refinishing options to step up your game!