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Club Fitting: Finding the Best Clubs for Your Playing Style

Club fitting is vital to playing your best game. Professional and amateur players alike benefit from a good fitting when getting new clubs. Some golfers even prefer different sets to suit their specific needs. Today, with the help of technological advancements such as launch monitors, you can track a ball during flight and record its statistics to identify the best clubs for you. 

Different Types of Golf Clubs

There are different types of clubs with different purposes. Whether for long distance or short distance strikes, you need to have a club that aligns with your strength and swing. Most professional golf players have multiple shafts with different clubs for a specific situation. 

Here are the different types of clubs you will need:

  • Woods – golfers use this club for propelling the ball from 200 to 350 yards, depending on the intensity of their swing. It is the largest of all clubs, and it has a rounded shape with a flat bottom to avoid hitting the ground after a shot. This is the fastest club to swing.
  • Irons ­- this type of club is commonly used by the average golfer when their ball is less than 200 yards from the green. They are numbered 1-9 and have a higher loft degree than woods. Irons are thin, and they have smaller heads than woods.
  • Wedges – golfers use wedges to make the ball fly in the air and land on the putting green. Its loft is higher than the other golf clubs. Wedges have the same club heads as irons, but they are smaller and thinner.
  • Putters – Putters are the smallest of all golf clubs, but they may be the most utilized. You can use putters to strike the ball gently and make it roll towards the hole. This type is the most specialized of all clubs, and it has the broadest range of varieties.

Why Is It Necessary to Be Fitted for Golf Clubs?

Club fitting ensures that the golf clubs you will use are appropriate for your stance, swing, strength, and other capabilities. If you pick a random club and use it without knowing its specifications, you are not going to get your best possible game out of it.

Here are the main reasons why you should undergo club fitting:

To Improve Your Swing

Having the right set of clubs for you will affect how you manage your swing. Instead of using different clubs for each type, sticking to your personal preference will give you more comfort and confidence.

To Understand More About How You Play

Club fitting can make you understand how your body moves when you strike the ball. This can make it easier for you to analyze and implement any changes you might want to add.

To Boost Your Confidence

Apart from getting physical upgrades, club fitting can also help in improving your state of mind. By figuring out the proper tools, you can increase your performance and enjoy the game more.

To Match Your Abilities

Every player gets better with practice. As you improve over time, you are going to need better equipment. Club fitting can help you figure out the perfect sets of clubs for your ability.

To Get Your Money’s Worth

Club fitting is free whenever you get a new set of clubs. So to get your money’s worth, take advantage of the situation, and make sure that you are getting the best clubs for the game.

Club Fitting Services from Tour Quality Golf

Tour Quality Golf is a leading golf company that aims to provide high-quality golf materials and services for both amateurs and professionals. With excellent club fitting procedures, we make sure that you get the appropriate equipment you need for maximum efficiency in the field. 

Contrary to popular belief, golf is not an “easy” sport. There are particular dynamics and specific rules and routines you must follow to become disciplined. One of the first steps you should take when you are going through with this process is to undergo golf club fitting. With the help of golf professionals from Tour Quality Golf, you can unleash the ‘Tiger Woods’ within you. Contact us today at (918) 221-7096, or check out our website at TourQualityGolf.net.