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How Often Should You Change your Wedges?

Every golfer knows their golf equipment affects their performance on the course. Some golf equipment such as wedges performs great every year, while others wear out. If your performance matters to you, you don’t want to make the game harder than it has to be with equipment that is in poor condition or doesn’t match your swing. 

Golf manufacturers have been releasing new golf clubs with new technologies to improve golfers’ games. With these constant innovations, golf players tend to buy or upgrade equipment even when it’s unnecessary. For instance, you don’t need to get a new driver every 1.5 years as club manufacturers tempt you with their latest technology upgrades. However, the clubs you use frequently might need replacing from time to time.

It is a good idea to change clubs every few years or so. Replace your driver more often to keep up with the latest technology when it can improve your long game. Change irons, on the other hand, as needed to deal with wear and tear. Fairway woods can go for more than five years before you need to replace them, while you ought to change your putter when three footers stop going in. And then there are wedges – may be the trickiest club in a golfer’s bag. Unlike other golf essentials, wedges wear down quickly, which has a significant impact on your score. Most players rely on a single wedge to make birdies, hit bunker shots, and practice. Since it gets so much use, its grooves wear out fast.

So, how do you know when should you replace your wedges?

How Long Do Wedges Last?

So when did you last replace your wedges? Two years ago? Five? A worn-out wedge costs you shots due to lack of spin. A wedge can deteriorate in as little as six months of hard use, especially if you rely on it in practice sessions and tournament play. If you find it more challenging to get shots to stop on the green, it’s likely because the grooves have worn out to the point of dropping spin. 

So, wear on your wedge grooves impact your spin control. You can think of the grooves as the tread on a tire or the rubber that makes contact with the road. The grooves make contact with the ball and create spin and produce an ideal shot trajectory. So if you have worn out grooves, expect inconsistency during wet conditions and other imperfect lies on the fairway. To sum it up, the more worn out your grooves are, the less control you have over the ball.

Tips to Increase your Wedge’s Expiration Date

To ensure the longevity of your golf wedges, you should follow proper maintenance guidelines. Not taking care of a wedge can hamper your performance on the greens. So how can you take care of your wedges well to make sure that they can last as long as possible?

  • Clean the grooves of your wedges

You can keep your golf wedge in good shape by scrubbing it with a thin bristle brush. Brush each groove to get rid of dirt and debris, and once the wedge is clean, wipe the clubhead with a damp, soapy towel. 

  • Never put away your wedges wet

Bagging your golf wedge wet only encourages rust. So don’t forget to dry your club with a clean piece of cloth before you put it in your closet. 

  • Sand your golf wedge

Wedges are taking a beating from continually digging into the ground. To protect your wedge, you can sand the wedges to eliminate dirt and sand build-up, which leads to the formation of tiny pockmarks in the club. After sanding, apply baby oil over the wedge to restore its shine and luster. 

  • Use headcovers

Using headcovers will protect clubs against scratches when you are carrying your golf bag. The damage can happen when the wedges jostle around the car trunk, or when you push them in the cart.

  • Clean the grips

Since the grips are vital, it is essential to clean them regularly. Removing debris, stains, and sweat can help them last longer. 

If you want to maximize your game, you should consider swapping out or buying new wedges every 12-36 months, depending on how often you play and the durability of the equipment. When in doubt, take the time to get fitted and seek the services of the professional club fitters from Tour Quality Golf. Call (918) 221-7096 and learn how a fresh wedge can help you maintain peak performance on the greens!