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How to Find the Right Service Provider for Your Club Fitting Needs

To improve their performance on the course, some golfers spend years looking for a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t exist. All the while, manufacturers incorporate advanced technologies into their club designs and spend tons on research and development, skyrocketing the prices of the best clubs. The average game has gotten a little better for all that. To make the best use of these innovations (and their money), many golfers look to club fitting. 

The spread of club-fitting studios is proof of golf’s enduring place and growth as a great pastime. Despite the impression that club fitting is only for pros and three-game-per-week addicts, it often yields the most obvious results for amateurs. Fitting ensures that golfers’ equipment properly fits their shot tendencies, tempos, swings, and comfort. While a custom-fitted club does not cure swing mistakes, it can minimize unavoidable errors and unfortunate outcomes. 

Many club manufacturers across the globe offer advanced approaches to club fitting, and today it’s easier than ever to find the equipment that best suits your game. 

Warning: Bad Club Fitting Red Flags

The club fitting revolution has influenced more and more golfers to get their clubs custom-fit based on the dynamics of their swings and physiques. A proper golf club fitting will help you find the right set of clubs to match your gameplay. Of course, the only thing worse than playing with off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all clubs is swinging one that was not properly fit. 

One indication that you’re not getting a proper fitting is when the fitter does not explain the process. It is essential that you have an idea of why they fit you the way they do. Moreover, if the fitter does not ask about your or gameplay, it is time to contact another professional. 

Another warning sign that you’re on your way to a lousy club fitting is when the fitter does not utilize the latest technology. Using the traditional trial and error can be costly. But with the explosion of high-speed cameras, three-dimensional imaging, and computer software you can have a set of clubs that can take your game to the next level more quickly and less expensively than you might think.


4 Qualities of a Good Club Fitter

Many golfers rely on professional club fitters to make sure that they have the right clubs in their bags. They are trained individuals who understand swing characteristics, the gamut of design features, and the profiles of clubheads. Moreover, these club fitters assist players in addressing their errors in form and swing dynamics.

Reputation in the Golfing Community

An established fitter with a background in biomechanics or mechanical engineering can help you conquer the course. Some club fitters have taken care of a generation of golfers for years, while others have opened up pro shops and studios to golfers near them.

Years of Experience and Training

A club fitter with years of experience in the industry has studied clubhead design and shaft profiling. They understand how every feature impacts the player’s performance. Moreover, they are fully trained to work with the different technologies involved in modern custom fitting which can improve the performance of golfers regardless of their strength, size, skill, or budget.

Passionate for Helping Improve Your Game

A qualified club fitter should take their time to get to know you, your game mechanics, and goals. They should also spend as much time as needed to work with you in choosing the proper combination of club components including shaft, grip, and head that match your play. 


The best fitters always look for the integrity of the fit. If your current club works for you but doesn’t improve on performance, they won’t just suggest that you buy a new set of clubs. Instead, they will guide you to select a club that both performs and fits your budget. Remember that club fitting doesn’t happen over the phone or online but face to face.

There is an ocean of options when it comes to golf equipment. Even with basic knowledge on how it impacts your gameplay, working with a professional club fitter to help sort through the variety of choices is crucial to your performance. The primary objective of club fitting is to help golfers enjoy and improve their games. Tour Quality Golf understands that getting your club custom-fitted is a way to elevate your game. If you’re ready to see what custom club fitting can do for you, call  (918) 221-7096 and shoot lower scores today!