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Tour Quality Golf Online Store Officially Launches!

Tour Quality Golf online store has made a buzz in the golf industry since 2014. Its headquarters sits in Tulsa, and the club fitting studio and golf club repair shop is in the heart of Broken Arrow, which is a 15-minute drive from downtown Tulsa. Today, it has become one of the leading local competitors in providing a wide array of services to consumers. It includes club repair, club fitting, and club trade-in.

Now, Tour Quality Golf will better serve the evolving needs of new and existing customers with its new online store, featuring dozens of products by leading brands for golfers in Oklahoma and beyond. 

Taking Advantage of Online Shopping Opportunities

With the addition of the e-commerce platform of Tour Quality Golf, shoppers can now access leading golf brands with a click of a button and get their hands on exclusive clubs. Tour Quality Golf has a team of professional golfers who help deliver top-quality products to consumers. The new online store gives golfers at every level access to a vast selection of brands, including Accra, Callaway, Taylormade, and Fujikura. It also includes detailed overviews of every club, excellent online customer service, and swift delivery.             

Shop Online at Tour Quality Golf Today!

Buying golf equipment from the comfort of your home is not only a convenient way to shop. It also offers some of the best deals on the market. At Tour Quality Golf, we commit to providing high-quality, valuable products to customers. 

We can back your online shopping experience with the following guarantees and benefits:

100% Satisfaction

The combination of quality equipment and thorough, personalized instruction can help golfers play better. Our experts build clubs to fit you. So, we can guarantee you 100% satisfaction. 

One Year Club Tune-ups

All purchases from our online store or club fitting sessions will receive one year of club tune-ups. Let our experts from Tour Quality Golf perform a diagnostic and provide you all the information you need to calibrate your clubs properly. The diagnostic includes grip assessment, club lie angles and lofts, shaft evaluation, and recommended adjustments if necessary.  

Tour Premium Materials Only

Whether you prefer titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel, we construct all our club equipment from quality materials to achieve optimal comfort, fit and feel. Also, we have experts who carry out a full examination of our products to ensure quality and performance.

Free Re-gripping Service

If your grip is in poor condition, it is time to bring your clubs in for re-gripping. At Tour Quality Golf, all purchases from our club fitting sessions grant you one free re-gripping service after the purchase. What are you waiting for?   

Shipping and Delivery Information

We take order delivery seriously, so we work closely with our couriers and track your order from the point of shipping until delivery. If you have any concerns about shipping or delivery, you can connect with our sales team by calling (918) 221-7096 or emailing sales@tourqualitygolf.net for assistance.  

The online store accepts credit cards, PayPal, ViaBill payments. With security and privacy in mind, Tour Quality Golf securely stores any information that consumers provide using encryption technology. Once we complete the transaction, we delete your credit card details and never store it in our system. 

With the official Tour Quality Golf online store now open, you can expect a hassle-free retail experience when shopping for your favorite golf brands. Check out the newly launched online store today for exclusive deals and latest offerings!