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What is the Top ACCRA Golf Shop Dealer in the Midwest?

The Midwest is comprised of the states in the center of the country and east of the Rocky Mountains, including Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, and Missouri to name a few. The flatlands and long stretches of Greenlands in the region invited many golfers from in and out of the states. To maximize gameplay on the course, players look for the best shaft for their gameplay.

One of the notorious golf shaft brands in the industry is ACCRA. Its graphite shafts have thrived in the industry for years. It is a leader on the PGA Tour, and it has been instrumental in wins every season since its introduction tot he PGA, Nationwide, and LPGA Tours. Although the golf shaft is an underrated piece of golf equipment, most golfers understand that the right shaft correlates to better performance. But what is the top ACCRA golf shop dealer in the Midwest region?

ACCRA: The Perfect Golf Shaft for Your Gameplay!

Over the years, ACCRA only offers their product line to the network of most talented club fitters and club builders across the globe. Several shaft companies focus solely on professional and Tour players and develop shafts strictly for that audience. Furthermore, they aim to attain a “trickle down” effect so that average golfers buy the shafts. However, these companies tend to disregard the fact that not all golfers can effectively swing the shaft that Tour players use. To meet the individual needs of every golf player, ACCRA has developed and designed a vast selection of shafts with different profiles and price points. That means that average golfers can pick up a shaft that matches their swing without paying through the nose. From the iSeries to the TZ5 and TZ^, ACCRA delivers a shaft for every golf swing.

5 ACCRA Advanced Shafts That Can Enhance Your Game

One of the most sophisticated golf product categories in the industry is that of the shaft. Choosing the right shaft for your clubs can add consistency to your entire gameplay on the course. Choosing the right shaft for your swing is comparable to picking the right transmission for your vehicle – having the wrong shaft can negatively influence your gameplay.

Here are some of ACCRA’s most excellent engineered design shafts to improve your gameplay in the course:
•  TZ5

Although the new series of TZ5 resonates with the ability of professional players, ACCRA designed the product line for the benefits of average golfers. It has a lower launch and a slightly softer butt and mid-section combined with a stiff tip section for high-speed players who control their tee shots with lower spin. Moreover, the TZ5 is available in 60-through 90-gram driver shaft weights and 95-gram hybrid options.

•  TZ6

Similar to the TZ5, the TZ6 embodies a unique design that appeals to the average golfer. Moreover, it is a spin killing machine with its 2.0 torque and explosive tip section. As a matter of fact, the engineers have designed the shaft with high modulus composite materials that enable ACCRA to maintain the feel of the shaft while introducing an extremely low torque.

•  iSeries Iron Shafts

The ACCRA iSeries iron shafts have similar high modulus composite materials that maintain the smooth feel and enhance the performance of the golfer. Moreover, the constant taper design of the iSeries products adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer. Whether you are a professional player or a hobbyist, the custom iSeries iron shafts can help you reach your full potential to get to the top of your game.

•  FX 2.0 Seriesi

ACCRA developed the FX 2.0 Series with three different models depending on their launch profiles – the FX 2.0 100 for high launch, FX 2.0 200 for mid launch, and FX 2.0 300 for low launch. They all carry on a long tradition of dynamic and quality matching of hybrid shafts, drivers, and fairways. Hence, if you want a similar performance in your driver, hybrids, and fairway woods, you cannot go wrong with the ACCRA FX 2.0 series shafts.

•  J-Spec NSeries Shafts

Specially designed for golf players who prefer high-performance shafts, ACCRA introduced the first shaft that utilizes the highest modulus materials. It delivers maximum stability at “normal” clubhead speeds for players who want to play golf at a high level but have encountered swing speed issues due to age or injuries. ACCRA coordinated the three swing speeds of the J-Spec NSeries with color codes for its ranges, measured in Meters per Second.

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