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The Best Club Fitting Services with Trackman Technology in Broken Arrow, OK

If you have been playing for a while now and you see little to no improvement in your performance despite your consistent effort, perhaps it’s about time to ask the help of the experts when it comes to improving your game. Think. How much money have you spent on buying golf clubs since you started? How many strokes have you shaved off? A recent poll showed that an estimated 92% of golfers spend $500 on equipment annually. It’s quite shocking. This statistic inspired Tour Quality Golf to help players improve their technique by offering club fitting services using Trackman technology.

What is Trackman Technology?

Almost two decades ago, Dr. Klaus Eldrup-Jorgensen brilliantly came up to the idea of Trackman. As an exceptional golfer who played in 3 European Tours back then, he noticed that despite massive improvements in technology, the instruction and training provided to new players were still the same. When he met Fredrik Tuxen, a radar engineer, the idea began to take shape. In 2003, they established the TrackMan Company. However, it was only in 2006 did the PGA Tour started using the technology. The years that followed were spent for additional developments and in 2016; Trackman is all over the golf world. It is the official launch monitor chosen by the USGA, PGA Tour, and the R&A.

How Does TrackMan Work?

Trackman is also called Doppler radar technology. The military used it in the 1960’s for tracking missiles and projectiles in their operations.  Built and powered by patented high tech tracking features, the Trackman launch monitors produces an incredible array of highly accurate and dependable data. Today, experts use Trackman to see a precise picture of what the club looks like and what it is doing during the swing and at impact. The valuable information picked up by the radar about your club head can help the experts find the most appropriate golf equipment for a player. From the launch angle to swing speed, spin rate and smash factor, Tour Quality Golf can help you optimize these factors for improved performance.

Why is TrackMan Perfect to Use for Club Fitting?

Every golfer wants to achieve better dispersion control and ball flight when it comes to their shots. However, most players do not fully understand that the club, the swing, and the ball depend on each other. Using TrackMan, the experts from Tour Quality Golf will test your swing with a variety of clubs. That data collected will be analyzed to find and optimize the best clubs that produce the most excellent result. Even without any swing improvements, almost 90% of golfers have found out that they can add 20 or more yards to their average driver shots by merely getting a good club fit. Moreover, regardless of your ability, club fitting performed by professionals can help you to hit straighter and more consistent shots.

Come to Tour Quality Golf in Broken Arrow, OK for your Club Fitting Needs!

Tour Quality Golf wants nothing but to make the game more enjoyable for you by helping you play to your full potential. Using TrackMan technology, our trained staff will help you eliminate or lessen your undesirable shot patterns by matching the proper club specifications to your swing. Come and visit us today and afterward, you would surely thank us!